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Stopping Obesity In America

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Stopping Obesity in America Should America keep allowing obesity to exist or should obesity be stopped? Everyday you wake up and take a look around, you notice that almost everyone you see is overweight. Obesity needs to be stopped, because it does not contribute to any factor to help live a good life. Being Obese can only cause bad health and even death. When turning on your TV you see commercials that show food like Burger King and Mc Donald’s taken to increase the obesity rate in America. Today many people don’t notice that businesses, around the world, does not care if they gain weight they just want them to buy their product. People just think that individuals become obese by eating food all the time, which this could be one of the problems, but there are several more causes of obesity. Obesity can be generic; it can be cause by health problems, depression, lack of exercise, and can cause low self confidence. The major problem is seen in public schools and fast food restau...

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