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Q #1.Mcqs. (12)

1.At dynamic equilibrium

a) the reaction stops to proceed. b) the amounts of reactants and products are ...

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0.004 0.55 1.mcqs 1.what 10.the 11.matte 12 12.permanent 15 2 2.5 2.bronsted 2.define 2.give 2.why 3.ferichydroxide 3.justify 3.prove 3.write 4 4.give 4.the 4.why 5 5.deficiency 5.what 6.define 6.which 6.write 7.buildings 7.what 8.which 9.concentration acceptor acid ad air alken alkylhallid also amino ammonia amount amphoter anemia answer ant aromat attack attain attempt b balanc base benzen blind block blue bromin brown build burnt c ca calcin calcium calcul call carbon carri caso caus charg chemic chemistri chlorin citrus class classif co coal color compound contain copper cu cu/hcl cus d damag defin detail differ direct dirti distil dna dynam e effect either electron emit equal equat equilibrium ethyn explain extend extra fat father feo fes flotat follow form formula forward froth fruit general ghee glucos green hard hco health heat high hno homolog hydrogen hydroxid ii iii import injuri insolubl iv know layer lewi lime lone longer m magnesium make maltos mg/hcl milk mixtur molecular na na/hcl nahco name naoh natur nickel night nitrat nitrogen no1 no2 no3 note o object oil one oxal ozon pair paper part pass perman petroleum ph place plant poh precipit predict presenc present principl proceed process product protein proton purpos q question rain reactant reaction reduc reduct refer remov revers ricket roast roll salt scurvi short soda solubl solvay sour speci speed starch state sting stone stop stratospher structur student subject sucros sugar sulphat sulphur synthes take tar temperatur ten treat two type upper urea use vinegar vitamin volatil water way white write zeolit zn/hcl