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Adnan Khalid Chemical Engineer
Personal Information Name Father’s Name Nationality Date of Birth CNIC Number PEC Registration Number Postal Address Cell number Email Adnan Khalid Khalid Javed Pakistani 13/12/1982 35201-1327998-3 CHEM / 8150 378-EE, DHA LHR. +92-323-4892508 [email protected] [email protected]

Objective To work for a professional organization, having room for continuous improvement both for organization and individuals. Qualification

Qualification MBA Executive, Bsc Chemical Engineering, Pre engineering Matriculation

Institute IBM-UET,LHR UET,LHR Govt F.C College LHR Garrison Boys High School

Year of passing Mid way 2006 2001 1999

DIV/CGPA 3.2 1ST 1ST 1st

Professional Experience Position Planning and process control engineer. Company NIMIR RESINS LTD From Dec, 2005 To Dec, 2006

Production unit in charge of PVA Unit.



July, 2009.

Consultant Engineer for Quality system procedure development and internal auditingHSE


July, 2009

May, 2010

Marketing Manager

Bin Rasheed color and chemica...

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+92 -1327998 -2006 -3 -323 -4892508 13/12/1982 1999 1st 2000 2001 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 3.2 35201 378 5 8150 9001 achiev address adnan [email protected] [email protected] alcohol almost analysi analyst april arabia ash audit auditinghs auditor august award base bd best beyond bin binder birth board boy bsc bureau busi carrier ce cell center ceo certif chain charg chart chem chemic chishti civil cmd cnic co colleg color compani conduct confer consult continu control cours courses/certification custom d date dec delight depart dept des descon design deterg develop dha differ director div/cgpa dr ee email emot employe emuls engin engineeringmanag engr enhanc erp everi execut experi explor f.c father fawad foundat garrison get got govt growth hassan hi high ibm ibm-uet ici icon impact improv includ individu industri inform initi instal institut intellig intern iso jahangir japanes jave jd journal journey juli june kamran key khalid kingdom lahor leader lhr loss ltd manag manageri manpow march market matricul maxim maximum may mba member mfg mid minimum ministri mkt month motiv nair name nation nespak nimir nov number oba object olayan oper optim organ organiz outstand p paint pakistan pakistani pass pec person pert pest petrochem pilot plan plant polyethylen polypropylen polyvinyl posit postal potenti power practic pre prevent pro procedur process product profession profil profit program project publish punjab pva pvt qa qualif qualiti quarter r rang rashe re rediscov refer regard registr reject renow repres research resin respons revamp room saudia school segment self senior sheikh skill soda special statist super supervisori suppli swot system target team technolog term textil time train treatment troubleshoot uet unit univers urban use verita wale water way whole wide work year ziaullah zubair