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Virtual Lab 7: Viruses Lab

Viruses Lab


The overall purpose of this week’s learning lab is to:

* look at different ability of bacteria to ferment various carbohydrates (glucose, lactose and sucrose) and acidic products

* look at two fermentation pathways found in bacteria: Mixed Acid Fermentation Pathway and Lactic Acid Fermentation Pathway

* provide practice in selecting, performing, and interpreting biochemical tests

* demonstrate the differences in test results that are observed for different species of bacteria of a similar Gram reaction, morphology, and arrangements

* connect the discussion of metabolism in lecture with the tests and results observed in the lab

* provide practice in using test results for the purpose of identifying bacteria


We have learned that viruses must be cultured in living cells. Plant viruses are cultured in laboratory plants. Animal viruses may be cultured in laboratory animals but more often embryonated chicken eggs or tissue culture cells are used. Bacteriophages must be cultured in bacteria. Phages and bact...

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