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bachelor of business
• • • • • Accountancy Logistics and Supply Chain Management Management Marketing Economics and Finance

Charmaine Ng
Student Bachelor of Business (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) RMIT University, Australia

The programmes are developed and awarded by RMIT University, Australia.

“From studying to training, and from council events to competitions, SIM has given me countless opportunities to develop myself into an all-rounded individual.” (2011) Jerald Foo Student Bachelor of Business (Marketing) RMIT University, Australia

Message from the Pro Vice-Chancellor Business and Vice-President RMIT University Singapore Institute of Management (SIM Group) Overview of Programmes General Programme Information Programme Details Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) Bachelor of Business (Management) Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) Majors, Minors and Electives Modules Outline General Information Application & Admission Preparing You for a Career Vibes - Why Study at SIM Global Education 01 02 03 04 06 07 10 12 14 15 17 19 21 25 26 28 29

mESSagE frOm ThE PrO viCE-ChaNCEllOr buSiNESS aNd viCE-PrESidENT

Welcome! RMIT is pleased to offer a range of Bachelor of Business programmes in conjunction with Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd (SIM). RMIT Business enjoys an excellent reputation in the business world: we produce not simply graduates but future business leaders. RMIT Business is one of Australia’s largest and most diverse business teaching and research facilities. It offers a wide variety of programmes from diploma to PhD and has offered excellence in business education for more than 65 years. Studying business with RMIT University is a great way to enhance your career. In today’s competitive environment, professionals need the skills to adapt to an ever-changing business world. That’s why at RMIT our Bachelor of Business programmes are designed to provide you with the right balance of depth, breadth and the skills you will need to deal with real-world business issues. As a student you will be challenged through extensive and practically applied coursework that follows concepts through to real-life industry solutions. This will enable you to engage skilfully and passionately in business, whether locally or internationally. On behalf of RMIT Business I am delighted with our continuing partnership with SIM. Together we look forward to a bright future for our business programmes and the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality of international education. Professor Ian Palmer Pro Vice-Chancellor Business and Vice-President, RMIT University


rmiT uNivErSiTy
RMIT’s Swanston Academic Building

RMIT University is ranked among the top 10 universities in Australia* and has been awarded the prestigious five QS Stars rating (2012)* for excellence in higher education. Collaborating with industry to provide solutions, new ideas and processes that deliver real outcomes is an integral part of RMIT’s teaching, learning and research. This approach means that when entering the international job market, RMIT graduates possess a broad knowledge base, industry-focussed skills and an ability to think critically and creatively. This provides our graduates with a distinct and competitive edge. * Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings 2012 RMIT is home to nearly 74,000 students, including over 29,000 international students in Australia and overseas. RMIT values the contributions of an international student body, bringing vibrancy, diversity and fresh perspectives to the University, from more than 100 countries. Of the international students, over 11,900 study at our Melbourne campuses, approximately 6,500 study at our two campuses in Vietnam, and around 10,700 study an RMIT programme with an offshore institution partner. RMIT has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region through teaching, research and industry links with overseas organisations, leading universities, community groups, as well as through our campuses in Vietnam, and significant teaching partnerships in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. The Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd (SIM) is RMIT’s oldest and largest offshore partner. In 2012 they celebrated 25 years of partnership in education excellence.

RMIT Business
RMIT University has established a reputation for excellence in business and management education, providing high quality business programmes for the national and global marketplace for more than sixty-five years. More than 80% of the University’s offshore students study business.** The RMIT College of Business helps support innovative thinkers and develop future leaders by undertaking business related research and linking student learning with business practice. Our TAFE and undergraduate programmes are designed with industry input and have a strong professional and vocational orientation to prepare graduates for employment and active citizenship. By integrating theory with practice students get real, hands-on knowledge and experience with lecturers who are practitioners in their fields. This in turn results in business graduates who: • possess discipline-related skills with the ability to apply these to the workplace • have the capability to communicate effectively with others, plan and organise their work, solve problems, work in teams, use technology effectively, and who are able to manage themselves and show initiative and creativity • are skilled in their discipline, passionate and ready to add value to their chosen profession and employers right from day one. ** RMIT Statistics and Reporting – 2012 student enrolment data


SiNgaPOrE iNSTiTuTE Of maNagEmENT (Sim grOuP)

Our Vision

To be the Centre of Leadership and Management Excellence; and the Embodiment of Lifelong Learning.

Our Quality Policy

We are dedicated to continuously improve our services and to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers. The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM Group) is the leading provider of higher education and professional training in Singapore, reputed for its dedication to lifelong learning and high standards and quality. Founded in 1964 under the initiation of Economic Development Board to support Singapore’s economic development, we are today a diverse and vibrant organisation with a wide range of programmes and services. We are also a membership-based organisation with more than 38,000 individual and corporate members. Our extensive range of membership programmes, activities and resources provide an important nexus for students and members to network and learn. The SIM Group offers its core services through three educational brands: SIM University As the only national private university in Singapore, SIM University’s mission is to create excellence in lifelong education through a uniquely designed learning experience that equips learners for a better future. Home to more than 13,000 students, SIM University adopts a flexible and practice-focused learning approach and offers more than 50 academic programmes in various disciplines. Eligible students taking SIM University’s undergraduate programmes enjoy government subsidies of up to 55% of tuition fees and access to government bursaries, tuition fee and study loans. SIM University is a not-for-profit university and the SIM University Education Fund has been a Singapore ‘Institution of a Public Character’ (IPC) since September 2005. SIM Global Education Students can choose from a wide range of high-quality overseas degree programmes made available through SIM’s partnership with established international universities and institutions from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Switzerland. Most of the students are full-time students, but SIM Global Education also offers part-time programmes that cater to working adults. Offering over 50 academic programmes, its enrolment stands at 21,500, with about 2,500 foreign students. SIM Professional Development About 11,300 professionals benefit annually from the vast selection of short executive training programmes offered by SIM Professional Development. Its customised in-company training programmes help companies optimise effectiveness in various fields of management and human resource development.

Our Mission

• Spearhead management thought leadership • Be the preferred strategic partner of corporations in maximising return on human capital • Be the choice provider of continuing education to individuals • Transform SIM into a regional brand

Our Purpose

• To open doors in life through education opportunities • To support SIM Group’s social mission

Our Core Values
• • • • •

Trust and Respect for the Individual Teamwork Open and Timely Communication Performance Excellence Spirit of Innovative Adventure

Our Culture

An open culture where staff trust and respect each other; embrace change and seek ways to innovate; learn and work together as a team.

Our Commitment
To our Members
We care for our members, recognise their importance, and strive to raise the prestige of their membership.

To our Customers

We value our customers and commit ourselves to actively improve our services and products.

To our Employees

We care for our people by creating a conducive work environment, helping them to balance family and work commitments, recognising their contributions, and developing them to their full potential.

To our Community

We honour our social obligations and pledge to be a good corporate citizen by always acting professionally and ethically in all matters.


OvErviEw Of PrOgrammES
RMIT’s Bachelor of Business programmes allow you to specialise or combine specialist skills and interests tailored to your future career. With programmes designed in consultation with employers and industry groups, RMIT business graduates will be equipped with a broad range of skills to work effectively in many jobs, anywhere in the world.

Programme Structure
When you enrol in any of RMIT’s three-year undergraduate business degree programmes, you will study 24 modules. To be awarded an RMIT three-year business degree, except Bachelor of Business (Economics & Finance), a student must successfully complete or be exempted from completing: 1. 8 Common Core Modules 2. 8 Major Modules 3. 8 Electives, which may be made up of: a. A Second Business Major; OR b. A Business Minor and a Second Minor; OR c. A Business Minor and 4 Electives To be awarded the Bachelor of Business (Economics & Finance) degree; a student must successfully complete or be exempted from completing: 1. 8 Common Core Modules 2. 12 Major Modules 3. 4 Electives, which may be made up of: a. A Business Minor; OR b. 4 Elective Modules Generally students with recognised business diplomas from RMIT (list per pg 9 of brochure) are admitted into the Advanced 2 programme, and those with non-business diplomas will commence with our Advanced 1 programme. For students who have completed a second major, it will be reflected in their academic transcript. The indicative completion pattern for the full-time and part-time programmes are as illustrated below. Details on the programme structure and modules which will be studied in each degree are available later in this brochure.

For Full-Time programmes
FOR ALL DEGREES (EXCEPT ECONOMICS AND FINANCE) Full Programme 24 Modules Semester 1 Core1 Core 2 Core 3 Major 1 Core 4 Core 5 Core 6 Core 7 Core 8 Major 2 Major OR Minor 1 OR Elective Major OR Minor 1 OR Elective Advanced 1 16 Modules Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Major 1 Core 4 Core 5 Core 6 Core 7 Core 8 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Major 6 Major 7 Major 8 Advanced 2* 12 Modules Major 1 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Major 6 Minor OR Elective Minor OR Elective Major 7 Major 8 Minor OR Elective Minor OR Elective FOR ECONOMICS AND FINANCE DEGREE ONLY Full Programme 24 Modules Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Major 1 Core 4 Core 5 Core 6 Core 7 Core 8 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Major 6 Major 7 Major 8 Major 9 Major 10 Minor OR Elective Minor OR Elective Major 11 Major 12 Minor OR Elective Minor OR Elective Advanced 1 17-20 Modules Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Major 1 Core 4 Core 5 Core 6 Core 7 Core 8 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Major 6 Major 7 Major 8 Major 9 Major 10 Major 11 Major 12 Advanced 2 12-16 Modules Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Major 1 Core 4 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Major 6 Major 7 Major 8 Major 9 Major 10 Major 11 Major 12

Semester 2

Semester 3

Major 3 Semester Major 4 4 Major OR Minor 1 OR Elective Major OR Minor 1 OR Elective Semester 5 Major 5 Major 6 Major OR Minor 2 OR Elective Major OR Minor 2 OR Elective Major 7 Major 8 Major OR Minor 2 OR Elective Major OR Minor 2 OR Elective

Semester 6

*Module choice, completion requirement and timing for each student depends on the specific credit granted to the student. If student needs to complete a core module, this must be completed in the first year.


For Part-Time programmes
FOR ALL DEGREES (EXCEPT ECONOMICS AND FINANCE) Full Programme 24 Modules Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Core 4 Core 5 Core 6 Core 7 Core 8 Major 1 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Major OR Minor 1 OR Elective Major OR Minor 1 OR Elective Major 6 Major OR Minor 1 OR Elective Major OR Minor 1 OR Elective Major 7 Major OR Minor 2 OR Elective Major OR Minor 2 OR Elective Advanced 1 16 Modules Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Core 4 Core 5 Core 6 Core 7 Core 8 Major 1 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Major 6 Major 7 Major 8 Advanced 2* 12 Modules Major 1 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Minor OR Elective Major 6 Minor OR Elective Minor OR Elective Major 7 Major 8 Minor OR Elective FOR ECONOMICS AND FINANCE DEGREE ONLY Full Programme 24 Modules Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Core 4 Core 5 Core 6 Core 7 Core 8 Major 1 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Major 6 Major 7 Major 8 Major 9 Major 10 Major 11 Minor OR Elective Minor OR Elective Major 12 Minor OR Elective Minor OR Elective Advanced 1 17-20 Modules Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Core 4 Core 5 Core 6 Core 7 Core 8 Major 1 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Major 6 Major 7 Major 8 Major 9 Major 10 Major 11 Major 12 Advanced 2 12-16 Modules Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Core 4 Major 1 Major 2 Major 3 Major 4 Major 5 Major 6 Major 7 Major 8 Major 9 Major 10 Major 11 Major 12

Major 8 Semester Major OR Minor 2 OR Elective 8 Major OR Minor 2 OR Elective

*Module choice, completion requirement and timing for each student depends on the specific credit granted to the student. If student needs to complete a core module, this must be completed in the first year.

Programme Calendar
Applicable for Full-Time and Part-Time programmes
2013 Intakes Semester classes Exam Result Release Semester Break January Semester Jan – Apr End Apr – Mid May Jun Jun July Semester Jul – Oct End Oct – Mid Nov Dec Dec

learning approach
Business is a dynamic and exciting career and these programmes reflects RMIT’s innovative and practical approach to business education. There is an emphasis throughout each programme on understanding both business theory and practice. Students will learn within a structure of lectures and tutorials, using case studies and assignments based on real organisations, business simulations, class presentations and in-class discussions to ensure they develop personal qualities including clear thinking and resourcefulness, and to extend their professional skills to enable them to work in a team and to perform under pressure. RMIT University makes use of an online learning portal, myRMIT , located at to provide students with a central point of access to online learning resources. myRMIT is an important and valuable communication tool for all students and staff. Students can log in to myRMIT to: • view online resources and learning activities created by lecturers • access online module materials via Blackboard • collaborate with RMIT University lecturers and fellow students • access their student email account

Programme accreditation
The Bachelor of Business programmes are fully accredited Australian undergraduate university degrees. These programmes are not available by distance learning or by examination alone.

Students are encouraged to access myRMIT regularly to connect with the University.


gENEral PrOgrammE iNfOrmaTiON
The selection process is undertaken by RMIT University. Only students who can demonstrate through their application that they are likely to perform at a high level and succeed in the programme will be accepted. The intention of the selection process is to continually maintain the quality of intake as the first priority.

It has been proven that good attendance contributes significantly to the successful completion of modules and enhances the quality of the learning experience. SIM requires both international and local students to attend all scheduled lectures and activities. Under the SIM Attendance Policy, local full-time students are required to attain a minimum attendance of 75%. International students who are issued a student pass by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority are required to achieve an attendance of 90%. Part-time students are encouraged to achieve an attendance of 75%.

rules and regulations
Students in the programmes are subject to RMIT and SIM rules and regulations governing academic progress and student discipline.

High standards are expected. Standards relate to the values underpinning each programme, as well as to the student’s academic performance. Each programme is intensive and demanding in its requirements. Students are expected to put in considerable time and effort to meet quality standards for all assessment tasks. Control of assessment rests with the academic staff of RMIT University. This may be exercised in a variety of ways but the standards expected and maintained are those which apply to students in Australia. Regular feedback is sought from students and staff to help maintain standards and student satisfaction.

Assessment components vary from module to module. Students are normally assessed by continuous assessments in the form of mid-term class tests, individual and group assignments/ projects, case studies, discussion and class presentations. Most modules have a final examination at the end of semester. The examinations are held from late April to mid-May for the semester commencing in January, and in late October to mid-November for the semester commencing in July. The examinations are scheduled on weekdays and Saturdays, in the morning and afternoon.

RMIT University works with local Singapore staff with demonstrated academic and professional competence. Local staff are supported by RMIT academic staff who regularly visit Singapore for consulting, monitoring programmes, moderating assessment and conducting seminars or other teaching activities. This combination of staffing ensures that core content is relevant to students in their own setting. Regular performance appraisal of all staff participating in the programme ensures the quality of staff contribution.

academic Progress
Students are usually allowed to repeat a module once only. For advanced modules with pre-requisites, students are required to satisfactorily meet the pre-requisites before undertaking the modules.

Eligibility for graduation
Students will be considered as being eligible for the award of Bachelor of Business when they have satisfactorily completed all academic requirements of the programme as detailed in the programme structure. To receive their award at a graduation ceremony or in absentia, students will need to submit an application to graduate.

mode of delivery
The Bachelor of Business programmes reflect RMIT’s innovative and practical approach to business education. Throughout the degree, there will be an emphasis on both the theory obtained in the classroom, while students develop an understanding and the confidence to be effective in practice. Besides lectures, methods such as case study preparation, problem solving exercises, projects and self-managed learning activities are used to encourage flexible and independent learning.

academic achievement awards
Awards are presented to students who have attained a set standard of achievement in the overall performance of the programme.

graduation Ceremony
A degree conferral ceremony is held in August or September each year in Singapore. Degrees are conferred by the Chancellor of RMIT University or his/her representative.

lectures and location
Lectures are normally conducted by both the University faculty and local lecturers. Lectures are typically of three hours duration. A break of between 10 to 15 minutes is usually provided.

Lectures are normally held in the mornings or in the afternoons on weekdays.

Opportunity for further...

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