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Physical Development In Middle Adulthood Paper Essay

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Physical Development in Middle Adulthood
As the human body ages and reaches a point where it is no longer growing and changing due to hormones, it slowly starts to change in other ways. Age starts to take its toll much earlier on the body than most people think. Physical, mental and emotional changes are being made in the middle parts of an adult’s life. The midpoint of a person's life is a period from age 35 to 64, and it is referred to as middle adulthood. Webster defines middle as "equal distance from beginning to the end" and the word adult is a person who is "fully grown or developed" (Dictionary 2010). Combining these words is like saying that an individual is half way through with his/her life. Many individuals have achieved happiness by this point in their lives. However, there is some who feel like they are closer to death without accomplishing anything. Middle adulthood brings about many changes and stresses to deal with daily. How an individual handles these issues determines if he or she achieves total happiness with their self. Middle adulthood is the time in life where individuals experience extreme amounts of responsibili...

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