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ABSTRACT. Most materials expand when their temperature increase and shrink when their temperature decrease. These are the caused by thermal expansion. There are different factors affecting the change in length in thermal expansion. The change in length is found to be proportional to the change in temperature. It also depends on the initial length of the rod. Different materials have different coefficient of linear expansion which means that the kind of material also affects the change in length in thermal expansion.

All materials, solid, liquid or gas experience a change in its dimension whenever there is a change in its temperature. With the exception of water which expands anomalously at a temperature below and above 20°C, materials in general expand when the temperature rises and shrinks as the temperature decreases. The change in dimension could be one dimensional called the linear expansion, it may be two dimensional which is expansion of the area, or three dimensional which known as volume expansion. The change in the body’s dimension is a function of the temperature. The amount of expansion also depends on the initial state and the dimension of the body. It was observed also that gas experiences a considerable change in dimension, followed by liquid, and the least is that of solid. This may be due to the difference in the molecular structure of the material when it is in different state.

It was found out that for change in temperature less than 100 C°, the electrical resistance of a metal is proportional to the temperature. This concept shall be used to determine the temperature. This concept shall be used to determine the temperature of the body if the electrical resistance is known.

Consider a rod of initial length L0 a...

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