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Sara Experimental Syllabus Essay

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Course Syllabus – Queens College

PSYCHOLOGY 213W – Spring 2015
Experimental Psychology
(4 Credits) Class Number 61865

Time/location: Tues - 9:10-12:00 PM meeting in Razran 312
Fri - 9:10-12:00 PM meeting in Razran 312 Instructor: Sara Bauer E-mail: [email protected] Office: Science Building A315 Office Hours: Tuesday, 12-1pm

Course Description: This is a laboratory course designed to acquaint students with the application of experimental methods to psychological problems. Experiments are conducted in a variety of areas chosen to give students an appreciation of the range of current psychological research. Particular emphasis is given to the areas of experimental methodology, psychophysics, and learning.

Prerequisite Course Required: Psych 101 - Introduction to Psychology, Psych 107 – Statistical methods, and English 110

Learning Objectives:

1. To learn the characteristics of different research designs. 2. To learn how to design and conduct research.
3. To learn how to write an APA style manuscript.

Required Textbook:

McBurney, D. H. White, T. L. (2013). Research Methods (9th ed.). US: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning Publishers.

American Psychological Association (2009). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed). ISBN-10: 1433805618

Additional Readings: There will be additional articles assigned throughout the semester.


Instructions for how to log onto Blackboard can be found at: Once you’re logged into BlackBoard, you should find accounts for every class for which you are registered. Click on Psych 213W. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS ACCESSING BLACKBOARD, PLEASE E-MAIL KENNETH LORD ([email protected]).

I will periodically post updates/announcements under the Announcements section so please check your Announcements frequently. A copy of the sylla...

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