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Biochemistry Metabolism Essay

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A. 1. Enzymes have a central role as biological catalysts and they increase the rate of practically all chemicla rections that occur within cells. Most enzymes are protein in nature although there are some RNA’ s that equally increase the rate of reactions. The absence of enzymatic catalysis results to decreaseed reactions as enzymes play the responsibility of accelerating reactions to over a million fold (Sinnott, 2008). Normally, cells contain different types of enzymes that catalyze the many reactions that take place within cels. An example is the gycolitic pathway which is a tightly controlled reaction. In glycolisis, the reactions are catalyzed by some enzymes like hexokinase, pyruvate kinase and phosphofrctokinase among others.

2. Aldolase, also referred to as fructose bisphospahte alodolase B plays a major role in both gluconeogenesis and glycolisis. In human beings, the enzyme alodlase B is encoded by the gene ALDOB that is located on chromosome 9. It is defects that occur in this gene that result to hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI). A defect in the gene results to defects in the enzyme and consequently leads to hereditary fructose into...

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