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Beetroot Cells with High temperatures and low pH solutions

Friday 15th March 2013

Abstract (50)
The aim of this investigation was to study the effects of temperature and a low pH solution on beetroot cells.

Introduction (200)
The general belief amongst our group members was: an increase in temperature will damage the permeability of the plasma membrane. Also, the heat will break away the permeability. If the pH solution is 7 or greater there will be no change but the lower the pH the more proteins in the membrane deteriorate. This was believed because its very common that with heat applied to something, the 'object' expands, this is seen with metals. Due to this, we assumed that the same would happen to animal and plant cells and the cell membrane. It's also believed that the low pH solution of vinegar (2.4) would eat away the cell wall and plasma membrane, which would then cause a chemical reaction to the cells structure.

It was also considered that if the cell received did heat and exposure to a pH solution we would have total cell failure in all parts of the beetroot slice and the cell would lose or change its colour.

Materials and method (100)
The materials needed for this experiment were: a beetroot, 2x test tubes, 2x glass slides, 2x cover slip, a microscope, a Bunsen burner or microwave, a tripod, 2x beakers, a gauze mat, ¼ cup of water, a thermometer, and ¼ cup of white vinegar. For the first experime...

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