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Physics and Evolution
The intramurals is done. I have enjoyed this week. I have watched so many events this year’s intramurals. One of these events is darts. Darts is one of my favorite sports. There is an application of physics in darts. There is a physics in throwing darts. Dart throwing uses physics to get the dart to the bulleye and get the highest score possible or if you are playing different dart related games to get the numbers that you need. Throwing darts uses different parts of physics to have the dart hit the target in the area that you want it to. Projectiles and energy to have the dart move through the air and to the target. The darts are a projectile because they are thrown at an angle and you need to find the best angle with the correct initial velocity to get the dart to the board. The angle at which the dart leaves your hand is usually less than 45 degrees so that the dart goes toward the board and not at the ceiling. Even though the optimal angle for most anything else is 45 you need to change the angle and the initial velocity to get the bullseye. The gravity brings down the dart and this is why you need to aim 'higher' than the bullseye. Also you use work because you move your arm which is the displacement and you force the dart to move forward toward the board. Darts use work to make their way to the target because they have to move and the force exerted by the person is on the dart. The darts use the work to make it to their destination. This shows that darts uses physics, by using different equations you can find out everything you need to know. I also watched basketball. I like basketball since I was in grade 2. Jumping is a major component of the physics of basketball. When a basketball player ju...

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