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Physical And Chemical Properties Essay

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Title: Physical and Chemical Properties

Purpose: To investigate the physical and chemical properties of pure substances as distinguishing characteristics.

1. Set up a well plate with 24 pieces and fill two with either Dilute HCl or Dilute NaOH. 2. Set up four test tubes with any single substance in each one. 3. Observe and record original color and odor of substance.

4. Light flame with matches.
-Hold test tube with substance in it over flame with clamps -Observe and record reaction with heat
5. Pour cold tap water in the second tube of the substance.
-Observe and record solubility of substance with cold tap water, when mixed. 6. Heat test tube of cold tap water and substance over lit flame -Observe and record solubility in hot tap water.
-Allow tube to cool.
7. Take small sample of the substance and add to litmus paper, both red and blue. -Observe and record reactions.
8. Take third test tube of substance and hold with clamps.
-Add a few drops of Dilute HCl

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