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Datascience Twoprojections Essay

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Data Science: Understated and overstated projections

Understated projection
As computing power and disk storage became inexpensive, massive amounts of data are getting created about many aspects of our lives as everything (social media, shopping, music, movies, search for information, etc.) is being tracked online. The amount of data that was created in 2 years from 2012 to 2014 is 10 times more than the amount of data that was created since the beginning of mankind till the year 2011. Companies have started building data products using data science techniques across all domains to make sense of these diverse, huge data sets.

One particular aspect, where the use of data science is underutilized, is traffic congestion in cities that is hugely impacting most of us. Though traffic congestion ranks among the America’s public problems, transp...

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