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S15 Gen 102 Syllabus Essay

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Ashland Community and Technical College

Course Title
Foundations of Learning
Catalog Number and Section
GEN 102-0112


Course Location
Course Campus Location
College Drive Campus
Room Number
Computer Lab G301 (As Needed)

Course Meeting Information

Meeting Day(s)
Meeting Times

Instructor’s Name
Vicki McGinnis
Instructor’s Campus Location
College Drive Campus

Instructor’s Office Number and Office Hours
323c Main Building
MW 10:00-11:00
TR 9:00-11:00
F 10:00-1:00

Instructor’s email address:
[email protected]

Instructor’s Telephone Number
Course Descriptions and Policies

Course Description
Presents strategies which promote academic and personal success in college, including utilizing campus resources, learning and memory, self-management, critical reading, critical thinking, classroom skills, and career exploration, and job interview skills.

Course Text(s)
Focus on Community College Success. Constance Staley. 2nd Edition. ISBN-13 978-1-285-88844-6

Course Materials

A 3-ring notebook with 5 subject dividers
ACTC Student Planner

Grading Criteria
The final grade for this course will be based on the number of points accumulated.

Attendance and Class Participation
280 points (10 points per day)
In Class Work and Homework Assignments
240 points
Chapter Quizzes
180 points (12 @ 15 points each)
Module Tests
75 (3 @ 25 points each)
Reflection Papers
75 (3 @ 25 points each)
Cover Letter and Resume
50 points
Career Paper and 10 Year Reunion
50 points
50 points
Total Points Possible
1000 Points total

GRADING SCALE: 900---1000 points = A
800---899 points = B
700---799 points =C
600—699 points = D
Below 600 points= E

***There will be both announced and unannounced bonus point opportunities occasionally throughout the semester****

Course Competencies/Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course the student can:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of how he or she is responsible for his or her own experience in college. 2. Describe ways to create a successful and satisfying college experience. 3. List and describe methods to: improve ability to recall information; manage time more effectively; take effective notes; prepare for and take tests; listen to a lecture for comprehension; apply creative and critical thinking skills. 4. Demonstrate an understanding of personal ideas and decisions regarding issues typically faced by college students such as personal relationships, teacher-student relationships, budgeting time and money, drug abuse, and health related practices. 5. Identify and utilize resources that are available on campus and in the community that can assist students with problems related to health, academics, personal relationships, library research, course changes, work, financial aid and other college services. 6. List several guidelines for making plans that help guarantee success. Starfish—Important Information

Starfish is a software package that allows college faculty and advisors to maintain contact with students concerning their academic progress during the semester. If academic progress is not satisfactory, “flags” can be issued with suggested improvements. “Referrals” to acad...

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