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1. Which of the following is NOT a role or power conferred on the President directly by the constitution? a. Appointment of judges and ambassadors
b. Commander-in-chief of the armed forces
c. Voice of the people
d. Veto over legislation passed by Congress
Answer. C. Voice of the people.
2. How does gerrymandering influence political power in Congress? a. By allowing members of Congress to send mail free.
b. By helping incumbents ignores state reapportionment plans. c. By creating federal projects for which members of Congress can take credit. d. By designing safe seats to the partisan advantage of incumbents. Answer. D. By designing safe seats to the partisan advantage of incumbents. 3. The leadership organization of Congress

a. is provided for in the 2nd Amendment.
b. is dependent on the President.
c. is based on party.
d. has changed very little since the first Congress in 1789. Answer. C. is based on party.
4. Most of the actual work of creating new laws is performed by a. interest groups then acted on by Congress.
b. state legislators, so the more acceptable ideas can be acted on by Congress. c. the President and routinely accepted by Congress.
d. committees and subcommittees within Congress.
Answer. D. committees and subcommittees within Congress.
5. A major difference between a treaty and executive agreement is: a. treaties must be approved by the Senate and an executive agreement does not. b. treaties have been used exclusively in the 20th century while executive agreements were used only prior to the 20th century. c. treaties can be secret while an executive agreement must be approved by the World Court. d. both b and c.

Answer. A. treaties must be approved by the Senate and an executive agreement does not. 6. According to the War Powers Act
a. the President must report to Congress within 48 hours of sending military forces into action. b. U.S. forces must be withdrawn after 60 days unless Congress extends the limit or declares war. c. Congress will take change of ultimate military decisions after a formal Declaration of War. d. both a and b.

Answer. D. both a and b.
7. The Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 requires
a. Congress to appropriate a budget that is not more than 10% above the President’s request. b. the President to submit a balance budget to Congress by the 1994 fiscal year. c. Congress and the President to reach a compromise on the budget no later than April 30 of each year. d. The President to spend money Congress has appropriated unless Congress agrees the money should not be spent. Answer. D. The President to spend money Congress has appropriated unless Congress agrees the money should not be spent. 8. Most modern Presidents have relied on advice from

a. his party leadership in the House and Senate.
b. close, personal advisors to the President.
c. the national chairperson of the political party.
d. the speaker of the House and President of the Senate.
Answer. B. close, personal advisors to the President.
9. The main reason some interest groups are important to agencies is that these groups also a. are important to Congress.
b. can supplement agency funds.
c. are grassroots organizations.
d. have a long tradition behind them.
Answer. A. are important to Congress.
10. The urgency of urban and social problems required Lyndon Johnson to emphasize the role of chief a. executive.
b. diplomat.
c. of state.
d. legislator.
Answer. D. legislator.
11. Most bills that Congress acts on:
a. is vetoed by the President unless he has authorized the bill. b. originate in the executive branch.
c. are introduced by the majority party leadership.
d. are passed by the standing committee.
Answer. B. originates in the executive branch.
12. The merit system refers to
a. selection and promotion based on competitive examinations. b. a system of checks on Congress intended to prevent discrimination. c. a process of selecting policies based on their value.
d. a system that was used for hiring bureaucrats under Andrew Jackson. Answer. A. selection and promotion based on competitive examinations. 13. Oversight is the process by which Congress
a. follows up on the laws it has enacted.
b. reviews actions of subcommittees.
c. allows meaningful input of coming citizens through hearings. d. supervises the activity of the judicial branch.
Answer. A. follows up on the laws it has enacted.
14. Congressional supervision of the bureaucracy involves all of the f...

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