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| Anthropology | |School of Arts andHumanities | |ANTH 100 | |Introduction to Anthropology | |3 Credit Hours | |8 Week Course | |Prerequisite(s): None |

|Table of Contents |

|Instructor Information |Evaluation Procedures | |Course Description |Course Assignments | |Course Scope |Grading Scale | |Course Objectives and |Course Outline | |Learning Outcomes | | | |Policies | |Course Delivery Method |Academic Services | |Course Materials |Selected Bibliography |

|Instructor Information |

Instructor: Victoria C. Leo, MA
Check out my bio in Faculty Biographies
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: I am available in the classroom at least 5 days/week. I am nearly always taking a day off to rest on Sunday and occasionally take all or part of either Friday or Sat off as well. Please ask questions about assignments as soon as they are assigned. If you wait until the last moment, you may not be able to get an answer to your question in less than 48 hours.

Table of Contents

|Course Description (Catalog) |

This course introduces students to human nature and behavior from the broad, holistic perspective of contemporary U.S. American anthropology. The four primary sub-fields of anthropology, biological, cultural, linguistics, and archeology, will be discussed in order to integrate various aspects of the human condition.

Table of Contents

|Course Scope |

This course is divided into 8 weeks and is organized to give students a road map in which to study anthropology. In this course, students will read about various cultural traditions, fossil remains, and material artifacts throughout the world. Instruction is primarily textbook driven with accompanied online lectures and online classroom weekly discussion.

Because this is a survey course of a broad subject, it will out of necessity, cover each topic with a broad brush. However, the reference area and online conference room will allow a deeper look into any subject area that particularly attracts the student. The student will learn how to use the World Wide Web to research topics related to the material discussed and covered in the textbook.

Table of Contents

|Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes |

This course has 8 objectives. Comprehension of each course objective will come from focus on weekly learning outcomes (see below and course schedule) that you will study through readings, discussions, and other assignments. Below are the learning outcomes mapped to their applicable course objective.

Upon completion of this course, students will:

|Course Objective |Learning Outcomes | |Developed recognition of and respect for human differences. |Judge the future challenges facing the human species | | |Identify potential ways in which anthropologists have an | | |impact on society | |Become familiar with a range of Anthropological terms. |Define the discipline of U.S. anthropology | | |Explain the four sub-fields of U. S. anthropology and how | | |each of these sub-fields pursues the idea of what it means| | |to be human | | |State the different field methods employed by physical | | |anthropologists, cultural anthropologists, archaeologists,| | |and linguistic anthropologists | | |Describe what is meant by ethnocentrism and cultural | | |relativism | | |Recognize key differences among foragers, | | |horticulturalists, pastoralists, and agriculturalists | |Become familiar with the different sub-fields of Anthropology |Explain the four sub-fields of U.S. anthropology and how | | |each of these sub-fields pursues the idea of what it means| | |to be human | | |State the different field methods employed by physical | | |anthropologists, cultural anthropologists, archaeologists,| | |and linguistic anthropologists | | |Identify the pioneers in anthropology associated with | | |various field methods | | |Describe what is meant by ethnocentrism and cultural | | |relativism | | |Interpret the ethical issues faced by anthropologists as | | |they study other cultures and the material remains of | | |early civilizations | | | | |Learned how Anthropology uses the scientific method as a guide in forming its|State the different field methods employed by physical | |own unique theories. |anthropologists, cultural anthropologists, archaeologists,| | |and linguistic anthropologists | | |Formulate the methodology of and purpose for conducting | | |anthropological fieldwork | | |Identify potential ways in which anthropologists have an | | |impact on society | | | | |Outlined the holistic nature of Anthropology. |Explain the four sub-fields of U.S. anthropology and how | | |each of these sub-fields pursues the idea of what it means| | |to be human | | |State the different field methods employed by physical | | |anthropologists, cultural anthropologists, archaeologists,| | |and linguistic anthropologists | | |Formulate the methodology of and purpose for conducting | | |anthropological fieldwork | | |State the ways in which anthropologists use the scientific| | |method in their research | | | | |Demonstrated basic knowledge of key concepts within the field of |Interpret the ethical issues faced by anthropologists as | |anthropology, including an understanding of the complexities, diversity, and |they study other cultures and the material remains of | |history of human evolution |early civilizations | | |List the key theorists in the development of evolutionary | | |theory such as Lamarck, Mendel, Darwin, Wallace | | |Discuss Darwin’s theory of evolution, using the fossil | | |record | | |Identify the mechanism for evolution as natural selection | | |Demonstrate an understanding of the culture of non-human | | |primates | | |Recall the similarities and differences between the human | | |primate and non-human primates, physically and socially | | |Re-create the evolution of early humans, using the fossil | | |record | | | | |Developed an understanding of culture and how it helps frame our societies |Describe what is meant by ethnocentrism and cultural | |(family, lifestyle, lineage, language and communication) and its evolution, |relativism | |how it mirrors biological evolution. |Interpret the ethical issues faced by anthropologists as | | |they study other cultures and the material remains of | | |early civilizations | | |Distinguish the concept of culture as learned, shared | | ...

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