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Effectiveness Of Implemented Physical E Essay

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A Thesis Proposal
Presented to the Faculty of the
College of Teacher Education
Laguna State Polytechnic University

In Partial Fulfilment
of the Requirement for Degree
Bachelor of Secondary Education
Major in MAPEH




The Problem and its Background


Education is one of the priorities of our government and it has given a special emphasis by the government as well as Department of Education (DepEd). For many years, the Department of Education implemented a lot of curriculums, orders and memorandum that given a lot of changes in the field of education. Those changes occur to achieve better education, to provide the needs of individual in our society and to cope up with the new generation learners.

Physical Education is an integral part of the total education of the child, every school in the Philippines requires Physical Education for its students. Quality Physical Education programs are needed to increase the physical competence, health related fitness, self-steem and enjoyment activity for all students, so that they can be physically active for a life time.

The study is conducted to know how an implemented curriculum works as it applies in the field of education and used by the teachers, especially in Physical Education. This study also conducted to help government and Department of Education to point out if there are difficulties in teaching Physical Education for it to enhance. But the successful attainment of every implemented curriculum depends on the eagerness of teachers to teach, willingness of individual to acquire knowledge and the student’s attitude to learn and study.


Today, Department of Education has the most important role to create and implement curriculum to produce an effective individual to his society. Education is about gaining knowledge, improving skills and abilities, discovering new ...

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