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Identifying Bond Type With Physical Properties Essay

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Purpose: To determine the type of bonding in some unknown substances using smallest number of tests.



7 test tubes

test tube rack

test tube holder

conductivity apparatus

DI water

stir rods


well plate

Bunsen burner

dilute HCl


plastic wash bottle

marking pen

7 unknown substance

conductivity meter

Procedure: Step #1) Mark all seven test tubes from A through G.

Step #2) Place your first unknown substance into the test tubes according to the letter that matches.

Step #3) Observe the physical appearance of the unknown substance. Record your observation.

Step #4) Set up the bunsen burner and light the bunsen burner.

Step #5) Adjust the flame so the hot spot, top of inner blue cone, is visible.

Step #6) Bunsen burner's hot spot reaches about 800¢ªC. Grip the test tube with the test tube holder near the upper end of the test tube. Place the test tube on the tip of the hot spot in an angle and gently shake that test tube as it is being heated. Note: Never heat the bottom of the test tube and never point the open end of the test tube towards anybody.

Step #7) Observe and see if the substance melt. Record your observation.

Step #8) Poor some deionized water into a beaker then place the substance into the beaker as well. If the substance melte...

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