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Biological Basis Of Behavior Essay

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Biological Basis of Behavior
William James- mental activity is also physiological activity Neuron- basic unit of the nervous system
*Each neuron is a living cell with a nucleus and other parts common to all cells. Three main parts of the neuron:

1. Dendrites: the receiving part of the nucleus
2. Cell body (Soma): The processing part Electrochemical Transmission 3. Axon: the transmitting part
Normal habit change: Doing the same behavior over and over again (same neurons being used over and over) Nerve: a bundle of neurons that have a specific purpose
Transmission of the neural impulse is electrochemical
Nerve impulses normally travel in one direction- from dendrites, through the cell body, along the axon. At the end of the axon a chemical transmitter substance is released and crosses the synapse or synaptic gap. Synapse: A slight physical separation across which the transmi...

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