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Lab Report 1 Virtual Lab Essay

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Virtual Lab: Classifying Using Biotechnology
NOTE: As you read the information in the Microbiology Handbook, there may be some terms you are not familiar with – such as 16s ribosomal RNA and Polymerase Chain Reaction. Refer to your text to read background material explaining any terms or processes with which you are not familiar.

Record the results of your investigations of each unknown in Table 1 by completing the following steps: 1) Apply the stain to your first unknown slide and examine it under the microscope. 2) Record the shape of the bacteria, the arrangement of the bacteria, and the gram staining characteristics. 3) Analyze and record the G+C content of the sample by dragging the DNA tube that corresponds to the bacterial sample to the GC Content Measuring Apparatus. (Note: the identification of the DNA tubes may be confusing; the red tube belongs to sample #1, ...

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