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Forensic 1 07 Lab Questions Essay

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Hair Detective
Your first lab link can be found at 1. Describe the crime that you are investigating in this activity. While the members of Crucial Cuts rehearse on stage, a member of the band Sassy Snips sneaks into Crucial Cut’s dressing room and steals all of their hair products 2. Wh...

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/kids-only/fun-games/hair-detective/. /stu/games/n-squad/. 07 1 2 3 4 activ affect alcohol alexand allow answer around autopsi band beer behind bodi bottl car clue consumpt contribut crash crime crucial culprit cut death describ detect determin dog dress episod evid exampl experi fact first follow forens found gettler give glitter go hair happen help identifi import investig jade know lab lead link match member multipl n n-squad one person pioneer practic product purpos question reaction rehears relat room run sampl sassi scene scienc scientist second slow sneak snip solv specif squad stage steal stole teenag test three time trail tri two various