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Valencia College
East Campus
Course Syllabus
ENC 1101 – Freshman Composition I (3 credits)
CRN 31914
Summer 2015
Instructor Information
Instructor: Crystal Smith, M.A.
Office Phone: 407-582-2072
E-mail: Atlas email only. Saturdays 12:30 p.m.-3:50 p.m. (8-131) Office: 3-120
 My Atlas email is [email protected]
My other email (ONLY if Atlas is down is located under “Messages” in Blackboard or use the “Ask My Professor” and “Ask My Classmates” Discussion Boards in Blackboard)  Office Hours: I am available by appointment.

Course Identification
Prerequisites: Score of 103 on writing component of PERT or equivalent score on other state-approved entry test or minimum grade of C in ENC 0025C or EAP 1640C, and a score of 106 on reading component of PERT or equivalent score on other state-approved entry test or minimum grade of C in REA 0017C or EAP 1620C. Development of essay form, including documented essay; instruction and practice in expository writing. Emphasis on clarity of central and support ideas, adequate development, logical organization, coherence, appropriate citing of primary and/or secondary sources, and grammatical and mechanical accuracy. Gordon Rule course in which the student is required to demonstrate college-level writing skills through multiple assignments. Minimum grade of C is required if ENC 1101 is used to satisfy Gordon Rule and General Education Requirements.    

 1.      Students will compose expository essays (first course outcome).  Objectives related to this outcome:
 Student will be able to construct a thesis that clearly expresses the main idea of the assignment. Student will be able to develop topic sentences that support the thesis. Student will be able to generate supporting ideas/details.

Student will be able to integrate supporting ideas/details.
Student will be able to connect supporting ideas/details to thesis statement. Student will be able to compose introductions and conclusions. Student will be able to implement transitions between ideas. Student will be able to draft, revise, edit, and proofread.

2.      Students will write in standard American English (second course outcome).  Objectives related to this outcome:
 Student will be able to write grammatically correct sentences. Student will be able to write mechanically correct sentences. Student will be able to vary sentence patterns.
Student will be able to employ effective diction.
Student will be able to edit for clarity.
3.     Students will write a documented essay (third course outcome).  Objectives related to this outcome:
Student will be able to recognize information that requires documentation. Student will be able to integrate source materials into essay. Student will be able to use a recognized documentation style, which includes in-text citations and a works cited/reference page.  

4.     Students will demonstrate information literacy (fourth course outcome).  
Objectives related to this outcome:
Student will be able to recognize credible print and digital source material. Student will be able to identify existing technological resources for writing.  
5.     Students will develop critical reading skills (final course outcome).  
Objectives related to this outcome:
Student will be able to identify main ideas and supporting details. Student will be able to recognize overall patterns of organization. Student will be able to discern author's tone.
Student will be able to recognize intent and/or bias.
Student will be able to read texts for literal meaning.
Student will be able to read texts for inferential meaning
COURSE INTRODUCTION: Composition I (ENC1101) introduces students to the essay form and introductory college-level writing skills.  Creating a successful paper is a formative process that requires the student to work collaboratively with peers and think critically about content and style.  Students will cultivate their abilities to discover potential topics, learning to verify knowledge and develop thinking, writing, and research skills that will apply to all coursework at the college.  In ENC 1101, students will work to develop their own thinking through writing; they will create and participate in a classroom community of writers through various activities, including:  

--Understanding writing as a process requiring invention, planning, drafting, and revision, and will recognize the recursive nature of this process --Developing critical reading and thinking skills, including the ability to read complex, college-level texts --Understanding how to analyze rhetorical situations and expectations related to discourse communities and genres in order to produce writing that is appropriate and effective for their audience and purpose --Gaining confidence and control as writers

In order to succeed in this class, students must complete all assigned readings, reading response assignments, essays, and “pop” quizzes. Also, ...

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