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Help us continue to provide quality medical and emergency services to our citizens despite our nation’s budget crisis.

For the past three years, the Alhambra Fire Department has worked aggressively on a comprehensive wellness program. Through research, testing, and training, we have been able to provide comprehensive direction for all personnel to perform their duties with quality of life through education, evaluation, and rehabilitation. We have had great success with the results of fewer on-duty injuries and the diagnosis of potential life threatening medical conditions of our employees. With the much needed grant funds, the department will be able to complete our comprehensive wellness and fitness program by providing the last phase of immunizations and to purchase the necessary fitness equipment.

The Alhambra Fire Department provides fire fighting, emergency medical service, fire prevention, urban search and rescue, public education, and disaster responses to a community of over 92,000 residents. These services are provided using four (4) engine companies, one (1) truck company, one (1) US&R heavy rescue, two (2) rescue ambulances, and one (1) battalion chief. The department has constant sta...

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