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Sylabus Obe Csfundamentals Essay

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Republic of the Philippines
Pagadian City

The Western Mindanao State University shall be a Center of Excellence and a leading institution in Human Resources Development and Research in the country and the ASEAN region with international recognition.

The External Studies serves to be a catalyst in bringing quality education to the door steps of the people of Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga Sibugay provinces.

It will continuously bring the University’s mission/vision to the disadvantaged and underserved clientele, the alumni and help raise and uplift educational opportunities of the community’s constituents.

Goal / Objectives
External Studies Unit shall endeavor to deliver services to uphold the following objectives:

1. establish External Studies Units (ESUs) cooperatively with LGUs and academic institutions in strategic places of the region, based on needs analysis, feasibility study and meritorious request;

2. provide quality monitoring and evaluation to all existing and future ESUs;

3. upgrade the faculty and the students of existing ESUs in terms of content and teachings strategies through mentoring and couching and seminar - workshops;

4. provide competitive graduates that would serve their own communities and other government agencies as well employment abroad.

1. Course Code: CS 113
2. Course Title: CS FUNDAMENTALS
3. Pre – requisite: no
4. Credit Units: 3

This course provides an overview of computers, number systems, data types and representations, digital logic systems, assembly and machine language, compilers and translators, operating syste...

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