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Chapter 22: Geologic Time

Determining the age of the earth:
Identify the methods used for determining the age of the earth, what each method reveals, and when it is appropriate to use each of them. Including: Principles of Uniformity, Horizontality, Superimposition and Cross cutting relationships Erosion, Deposits and Unconformity

Radiometric dating, Carbon 14 Dating & Use of the Geomagnetic Timescale

Define and differentiate between Paleontology and Archaeology Define fossils and identify/describe the different types that are commonly found. Explain the processes related to the forming of various types of fossils (e.g. molds & casts, how Petrified fossils are formed)

Geological Time Scale:
Eons: Identify the Eons and their associated major events.
Eras: Identify the eras and their associated major events.
Periods: Identify the various periods, their relationships to each other and the Eras, and their associated major events. Key will be to identify what does/doesn’t belong in each time period. Example 1: “What type of Organism would you NOT expect to see during the Devonian period? A) insects, B) plants growing on land, C) Jawless fishes, D) Mammals. Example 2: During which Era did the Dinosaurs domin...

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