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Study Guide for Exam 3

This will be a terminology-heavy exam. Make sure to study definitions. Compare your tables to a couple of classmates’ tables. Be familiar with life cycles as indicated.
Do qs listed on Moodle –both the exam forum III and qs I’ve posted with power points Focus on the power point lectures, posted
Remember, this is only a guide. Use your class notes, textbook, and all materials on Moodle

General comments: The format of this exam MAY include fill in the blank, diagrams, short answer and essay questions along with multiple choice and matching. Be able to answer questions on powerpoints and on the Exam Forum III and be familiar with figures posted on Moodle. There is a tremendous amount of material online please visit the text website for further review.

Chapter 27—27.1, 27.3,27.4
Chapter 28
Chapter 31

Great resources
This site has the most up to date phylogenies currently know—as such, they differ from your text, lab and notes…However, it does have some nice ph...

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-2 -4 -8 /choanoflagellates/2375 /tree/ 1 27 27.1 27.3 27.4 28 3 31 4 6 abl african alga along alveolata alveoli amoeba amoebozoa amount ancestr anim anophel answer apicomplexan aquat arbuscular archaea archaeplastida architarch ascocarp ascomycota ascospor ascus asexu bacteria basidiocarp basidiomycota basidium biolog blank blight bodi brown carotenoid cell cellulos cercozoan chapter characterist charophyt chitin chlorophyt choanoflagel choic chromalveolata chrysolaminarin chytridiomycota ciliat clade class classmat cliff comment compar conidia conidiophor conjug content contractil contrast coupl current cycl date definit describ descript deuteromycota diagram diatom differ digest dikaryon dikaryot dinoflagel diploid diplomonad discuss dover ecolog ectomycorrhiza elabor endosymbiosi entamoeba essay euglena euglenid euglenozoa euglenozoan exam exampl excav excavata extern familiar figur fill flagellum flatten fli focus food foram form format forum fucoxanthin fungi general giardia glomeromycota golden great green groov group guid gymnamoeba haploid heavi heteromorph holdfast holozo howev hypha iii import includ indic inform isomorph karyogami kelp kinetoplastid know lab laminarin land late learn lectur lichen life limeston list locomot lot macronuclei major make match mate materi may membran merozoit micronuclei microsporidia mitochondria mixotroph modifi mold monokaryot moodl mosquito multinucl multipl mycelium mycolog mycorrhiza n name near nice note nucleariid nutrit object onlin oocyst oomycet opisthokont oral organ parabasalid paramecium paramylon parasit pathogen pfisteria phagocytosi photo photoautotroph photosynthes photosynthet phycobillin phylogenet phylogeni physarum pic pigment plant plasma plasmodium pleas ploidi point post power powerpoint predat problem protista pseudopod pseudopodia pseudopodium purpos qs question radiolarian rapha red relationship rememb reproduct resourc review rhizaria rhodophyta saprozo schizont section self self-test septa sexual shell short sick singl single-cel site sleep slime solv spirogyra sporangiophor sporangium spore sporozoit starch stipe strain stramenopil structur studi subgroup supergroup sure surfac symbios symbiosi tabl taxonomi term terminolog terminology-heavi terrestri test text textbook thallus topic tremend trichocyst trichomona trophozoit trypanosom tsets understand unikont unikonta uniqu use vacuol ve vector visit volvox water websit zygomycota