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 English 1110-018
Context, Substance, & Style
Winter 2014  SN 3058
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:30 – 1:45

Instructor: Heather Gushue
Office: AA 3021
Phone: 864-8296
Email: [email protected]
Mailbox: SN 1060 Box #1
Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00 – 11:30 & 2:00 – 3:00 (or any mutually agreed upon time)

Course Description & Objectives
English 1110 (Context, Substance, and Style) is an examination of prose texts such as essays, articles, and reviews. Students write for different purposes and audiences. Emphasis is placed on critical reading and writing, analyzing texts, framing and using questions, constructing essays, organizing paragraphs, conducting research, quoting and documenting, revising and editing.

English 1110 aims to give students practice in different kinds of writing (e.g., journal-keeping, persuasion, analysis, investigation, satire); to improve students’ critical reading skills as a process leading to writing; to give students an understanding of writing as a process which takes place in a context, is usually intended for readers other than oneself, and requires preparation, drafting and revision; to improve students’ ability to write in an interesting, engaging fashion; to show students how to recognize problems at different stages of writing a paper, and address them; to introduce students to the analysis of prose written for different purposes; and to master diverse technique of writing and different modes of writing.

English 1080 is a pre-requisite for English 1110. Moreover, students cannot receive credit for more than two first-year English courses.

Required Texts
O’Brien Moran, Michael and L. Karen Soiferman. A Student’s Guide to Academic Writing. Toronto: Pearson Canada, 2014. Print. Straus, Jane. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. Mill Valley: Jane Straus, 2006. Print.

Recommended Text
A Canadian collegiate dictionary (for example, Oxford Canadian or Gage)

Short Assignments (5 @ 5% each) 25%
Essay 1 (Expository) 5%
Essay 2 (Persuasive) 10%
Essay 3 (Analytical) 10%
Essay 4 (Analytical) 10%
Research Essay 20%
Final Exam 20%

Assignments & Exams

Students will write a total of five essays in this course, one of which will be a formal research essay. Essays should demonstrate students’ comprehension and critical thinking skills. Adhering to MLA format, essays will be graded for content, organization, style, and mechanics. Essays must be submitted in hard copy. Additional information regarding essay expectations, standards, and topics will be dis...

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