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Cellular Respiration Lab Report
Cellular respiration is the breaking down of food molecules and converting them into energy. Glucose is oxidized as long as there is the presence of oxygen and if not, fermentation will begin to take place. All organisms, including plants and animals, go through cellular respiration. This process creates energy for the body to exert in the form of ATP. This lab is to test if peas go through cellular respiration before germination. Hypotheses

Part I: If the peas are germinated and placed in the jar with the CO2 gas sensor, then they will undergo cellular respiration (same for lima beans). Part II: If the peas are non-germinated and placed in the jar with the CO2 gas sensor, then they will not undergo cellular respiration. Materials

25 germinated peas
LabQuest App
25 non-germinated peas
Vernier CO2 Gas Sensor
ice cubes
two 100 mL beakers
250 mL respiration chamber
Logger Pro (optional)
Part I
1. If your sensor has a switch, set it to the Low (0–10,000 ppm) setting. Connect the CO2 Gas Sensor to LabQuest and choose New from the File menu. If you have an older sensor that does not auto-ID, manually set up the sensor. 2. Measure the room temperature us...

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