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Observing A Single Chemical Reaction Essay

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Observing a Single Chemical Reaction
Qualitative vs. Quantitative Observations

The purpose of this experiment is to help you sharpen your observational skills.  The aluminum foil was found to rust in the water containing the dissolved Copper Chloride (CuCl₂) crystals. The results of the experiments were determined through close examination and observation of both qualitative and quantitative elements of the changes that occurred when a blue crystal, Copper Chloride, reacted with aluminum foil. In conclusion, aluminum foil is turned into copper when in contact with Copper Chloride (CuCl₂) granules.

Group Members and Contributions:
Priyanka Potdar and Evani Shah both contributed equally to the final lab report of the “Observing a Single Chemical Reaction” lab. They both split up the work and eventually edited the final lab report together on Google Documents. Evani completed the Title Page and Abstract, while Priyanka completed the Discussion questions. They organized their “Observation/Data” section individually. Priyanka a...

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