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Career Episode # 1

All statements of fact in this report are true and correct and I have made claims of acquired competencies in good faith. The report is my own work and is true representation of my personal competence in written English. I confirm that I understand that members of engineering team in Australia are acquired to display a commitment to exercising professional and ethical responsibility in all aspects of their work.

Name: Kashif Javed


Date: 22-07-2003


Career Episode #1
Trainee- Shift Engineer Mechanical (Full Time) Ibrahim Energy Ltd, Pakistan a) Introduction: After successfully completed my graduation in Mechanical Engineering, I joined Ibrahim Energy Ltd as a Trainee Mechanical Engineer on 4th August 2000 based in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The compoany operates a diesel engines power plant and generates the continuous power supply to distribute to all the members of the main Ibrahim Group of Companies. I worked on the same position until 3rd February 2001.

b) Background:


The major focus area of Ibrahim Group is the production of textile fiber related products like synthetic fiber and cotton yarn. It is not only serving the local markets but exporting all of its items to international markets as well. 3 The main objective of Ibrahim Energy is the continuous generation and distribution of 11 KV (Kilo Volt) electric supply without interruptions. The plant has been in operation since 1992 with the total capacity of 31.8 MW (Mega Watts) consisting of six power generation units of 5.3MW each. The consumers with in the group are • • • •

Zanib Textiles Ibrahim Fibers Ibrahim Textiles A A Textiles 4

In case of complete shut down, the plant has the facility of a diesel generator of 48 KW to resume the electric power for re-starting the main engine. In this narrative I describe the different tasks I had been assigned during my training period and the way I fulfilled them.


5 There are two main sections of the organisation, mechanical and electrical and one small chemical section working in close collaboration with mechanical section. Mechanical department is further classified as operational and maintenance. As a trainee mechanical engineer, I worked under both sections. The main organisational chart shows the engineering management levels. For simplicity the particular positions of highly experienced shop floor workers under each department are not shown here.

General Manager

Mechanical Manager

Electrical Manager

Manager Maintenance

Manager Operations

Assistant Manager Maintenance

Assistant manager Electrical

Assistant Manager Chemical

Maintenance Engineer

Shift Engineer My Position

Assistant Maintenance Engineer

Trainee Shift Engineer (Kashif)

Trainee Engineer Electrical

Trainee Engineer Chemical

(Organizational Chart showing engineering management levels.)

6 After the first phase of my training in operational department, my main task on the plant site was to assist the senior shift engineer during his shift. My duties included both operational as well as to take part in routine maintenance jobs carried out during the shift timings. On the operational side, I 3

was supposed to take necessary actions in case of any abnormality in terms of critical pressures and temperatures parameters.Then to assist the shift engineer to immediately utilize our stand by resources to prevent complete shut down of the plant. At the same time, I was effectively involved to diagnose the actual causes of the abnormality and then supervise my shift staff for the proper maintenance. 7 I was responsible to take a number of performance parameters related to engine and its associated auxiliaries during my shift. Then make a detailed historical chart sheet on the basis of the calculated data by using thermo dynamical relations. To supervise various ongoing maintenance jobs related to the main internal combustion engines and related auxiliaries and finally give proper feedback to maintenance engineers, was also part of my duties.

c) Personal Work Activity:


Working as a trainee engineer both in maintenance section of mechanical department, I was given the responsibility to take part in different types of maintenance activities carried out on a daily basis. I also worked out the possibilities for preparing a single document having all the critical performance parameters and status of ongoing maintenance activities on the plant. Here in the following paragraphs, I discuss some of work activities as well as my contribution to the organisation as a whole. 9 Apart from all the routine activities related to my job, the most significant work was the preparation of the important piece of document called “One-Page Information”. Here I define the problems, I observed in terms of poor communication between different departments. Furthermore, I describe that how I proposed the idea about one single report containing all the relevant information on the basis of engine performance parameters and maintenance jobs being carried out. 10 Working as a trainee engineer, I noticed one thing very often. Whenever some job was going to carry out whether it was related to mechanical or electrical, the maintenance staff had to consult various reports about the past behavior of the particular machine under maintenance. For example, prior to any maintenance work, it was required to check the running hours, load on that machine,


possible effects on the overall plant efficiency in case of stopping that machine for maintenance, previous lube oil and fuel oil consumptions. In the same manner, whenever general manager needed to look at the plant efficiency, he had to read a lot of reports before reaching some conclusion. 11 I discussed the problem many times with my colleagues and found that almost all of my senior managers often complaining about not having one single report giving them all the related details. I proposed the idea of introducing one report containing most important engine and associated auxiliaries’ related specifications. I was highly appreciated to have an initiative in that regards from my colleagues. I took the responsibility to work out the for that document and assured cooperation from all concerned personals. 12 There were so many parameters in terms of performance of the power generation units and each of them needed special attention for the smooth operation of the plant. In addition to that there must be some proper information about the ongoing as well as scheduled preventive maintenance jobs for the better planning purposes. The overall objective was to have an overall view about the efficiency of the plant in a single glance. 13 I started my work by making a list of all the contents that should be present in the final sheet. The engine cylinder temperatures, pressures, jacket water temperature, lubricating oil temperature, fuel oil pressure and temperature and cooling water temperature were the most important factors .I discussed with my shift engineer and then added the individual cylinder fuel rack positions, turbine / blower washing running hours and especially the engine room temperature in that list. That was the engine related parameters section. I studied thoroughly the past six month engine/ auxiliary log sheets and came up with some interesting facts that there was a need for the information exchange not only between maintenance and operation sections with in the mechanical department but between the electrical and mechanical department as a whole. 14 I put some suggestions to the plant manager for the addition of electrical parameters in the final report important from the maintenance point of view. The problem was that electrical department had their own reports for example; engine running hours, power generation in last 24 hours and the load on individual engines. They insisted that there was no need to add that data on one another 5

report. In the same way even with in the mechanical departments, the operational section personals tried to resist. I had to convince all of them by discussing the long-term advantages in case of combining all the data in one report, which will definitely reduce their burden to prepare individual reports. 15 I discussed many times with electrical and mechanical managers and finally came up with a number of suggestions from both sides. On the basis of that information, I decided to make at least three sections of the final report. There were total six power generation units and I dealt all of them on individual basis but working with in the same frame of boundaries of one page. 16 I choose Microsoft Excel as working software because all the information to be added were most of the times directly related with each other. The engine running hours and running hours left in next overhauling, total generation in last 24 hours, the fuel oil consumption and lube oil consumption. It needed to apply thermo dynamical formulas for the calculations of most of the mechanical parameters. Included in the final report, were not only data relevant to main engines, but at the same time one could easily get the information about the running hours, pressures/temperatures. More importantly, the time to next overhauling to the turbochargers, fuel injectors nozzles and specific fuel oil consumption of boiler could also be anticipated. 17 I showed my work in the form of a report on each phase to senior mangers. After discussing many times, we finally agreed on the format of the final version of the one page information report. I delivered a formal presentation to all the senior staff on the completion of the report. I have received one recent copy of that report which is attached with this episode and I am thankful for my management for given me approval to add this report in my competency demonstration report. This document is now a part of company’s official manuals. 18 On the operational side of my duties, I was responsible for the unloading of the fuel from delivery tankers as well as the changeover of fuel oil storage tanks according to the specific levels in particular storage tanks. Because of the possible safety risks involved in the job, the personals from safety department were consulted ev...

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