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Chemical Lab Report


Name: Lim Seong Hseng Date: 20th March 2013 IA CRITERIA ASSESSED: D Declaration: I declare that this report I have submitted is my own original work and I have acknowledged the use of words or ideas of another person.

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Introduction Aim: To investigate the factor affecting voltage of voltaic cell. Research Question: How does coupling of different metals from the electroactivity series affect the overall voltage of the galvanic cell? Background Information: The voltaic cell converts chemical energy to electrical energy to generate electricity. There are usually 2 electrolytes used containing spectator metal ions. A salt bridge is used to connect the 2 electrolytes in order to enable the transfer of ions. Circuit is connected from electrode to electrode for mobile electrons to pass through. A galvanometer is always used to detect the electron flow of voltaic cell. The deflection of galvanometer indicates the electron flow of circuit. Electrolyte that has visible color change is always selected. Copper (II) Ion is one of the examples. The presence of such ion will eventually increase the blue intensity of the electrolyte if the concentration of such metal is higher than other metal. Throughout the mechanism of voltaic cell, redox reaction is occurred. The redox reaction gives rise to 2 different half equations. The metal that is placed higher in the electrochemical series is the reducing agent, hence causing electron to loss. This electrode acts as an anode. Conversely, metal that is placed lower in the electrochemical series is the cathode and acts as...

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