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Advanced Placement United States History
Syllabus 2014-15
Mrs. Keller
Room 827
310-798-8665 ext.4827
Email: [email protected]
Teacher webpage:
Conference period: 4th period

A key to success is to do the American Pageant (thirteenth edition) readings the weekend before the unit. Reading prior to the week's activities will help the student understand class activities, and prepare for the unit exams, DBQ’s and the new additions the “Long Essay” and “short answers”. There is an exam at the end of each unit. Most units will take two weeks, but some weeks may be extended due to holidays or teacher training in-services.

Sticking to the schedule below should enable students to plan and budget their time. The study guide questions, found on teacher website, should guide readings while the terms that coincide with each unit should be completed as the class moves from unit to unit. Students will be tested on key terms for each unit. Chapter outlines, additional essay questions, primary sources and scholarly writings will be assigned on a unit to unit basis. Study guide questions and key terms will be collected on designated days within each unit.

Unit I The Foundation of the North American Colonies [two weeks] Readings: American Pageant [2-121]
Themes The emergence of American cultural traits
Regional Economic, Social & Political patterns and how they evolved
The push-pull factors bringing colonists to the new world
Comparison and contrast of regional economic, social and political patterns
Puritanism, Anglicans and religious freedom
Evolution of democracy, legacy of undemocratic practices
Lord Baltimore Walter Raleigh Robert de la Salle
John Peter Zenger Christopher Columbus James Oglethorpe
John Rolfe Hernado Cortes Edward Braddock
Jonathan Edwards John Smith old and new lights
George Whitefield royal charter Benjamin Franklin
joint-stock company slave codes primogeniture
slavery indentured servitude Dominion of New England
conquistadors Proclamation of 1763 Samuel de Champlain
Virginia Company Bacon's Rebellion middle passage
mestizos Maryland Act of Toleration Phyllis Wheatley
House of Burgesses Treaty of Tordesillas Regulator movement Peter Stuyvesant John Winthrop Half-Way Covenant
Anne Hutchinson King Philip Paxton Boys
Roger Williams Thomas Hooker John Cotton
Henry Hudson William Penn Sir Edmund Andros
William Bradford Separatists William Berkeley
indentured servitude Fundamental Orders Nathaniel Bacon
predestination headright system Navigation Laws
Mayflower Compact Dutch West India Company Pontiac
Pilgrims Glorious Revolution Albany Congress
Quakers Mayflower New England Confederation
Calvinism Puritans Protestant ethic
Molasses Act Massachusetts Bay Company Huguenots
The Great Awakening

Unit II The American Revolution 1760-1785 [2 weeks]
Readings: American Pageant [122-163]
Themes Colonists reevaluate their relationship with the Mother Country
The American Revolution as a Conservative or Radical Movement
The positive and negative aspects of mercantilism
Military victory, diplomacy and the Treaty of Paris
John Hancock Charles Townshend Marquis de Lafayette
Lord North John Adams King George III
George Grenvillle Crispus Attucks Baron von Steuben
mercantilism "royal veto" "virtual" representation
"no taxation without boycott natural rights
representation" Sugar Act Hessians
Townshend Acts admiralty courts Common Sense
Sons of Liberty Quartering Act Boston Tea Party
Quebec Act Boston Massacre Loyalists
Navigation Acts The Association Stamp Act Congress
Declartory Act Stamp Act Intolerable Acts
First Continental Congress committees of correspondence Patriots/Whigs George Washington Thomas Paine Thomas Jefferson
William Howe Treaty of Paris of 1783 Loyalists/Tories
Nathaniel Greene George Rogers Clark Benedict Arnold
Richard Henry Lee Patrick Henry privateers
John Burgoyne Horatio Gates Comte de Rochambeau
Charles Cornwallis John Paul Jones John Jay
Second Continental Congress Declaration of Independence mercenaries

Unit III The Federalists Era 1780-1800 [2 weeks]
Readings American Pageant [164-210]
Themes Positive and Negative aspects of the Articles of Confederation
Development of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
The emergence of political Parties, Hamilton and Jefferson
States Rights v Federalism
The development of American foreign policy
Abigail Adams Alexander Hamilton James Madison
Daniel Shays Land Ordinance of 1785 Federalists
"mobocracy" popular sovereignty Jeffersonian Republicans
checks and balances republicanism anarchy
sovereignty states' rights Convention of 1800
Society of the Cincinnati "three-fifths compromise" "large-state plan" "Great Compromise" Northwest Ordinance Constitution of the US Articles of Confederation Anti-Federalists Federalist Papers Electoral College Shay's Rebellion John Jay consent of the governed confederation Citizen Genet

Talleyrand Matthew Lyon Bill of Rights
funding at par implied powers excise tax
strict construct...

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cash-and-carri cass castro catherin catt caucus caus central centuri cesar champlain chang chapman chappaquiddick chapter charact charl charlott charter chase chautauqua chavez cheap check chesapeak chester chi chief children china christian christoph churchil cincinnati circular citizen civil civilian clara clarenc clark class clay clayton clayton-bulw clement cleveland clinton coalit code coercion coexist cohen coincid cold collect colleg colli colon coloni colonist columbus come commiss committe common commonwealth communism compact compani compar comparison compens complet complex compromis comstock comt confeder confer conflict cong congress conkl connal conner conquer conquistador conscienc conscript consent conserv conservat constitut construct consum contact contain contemporari continent contract contrast convent coolidg cooper cordel cornelius cornwal corollari corp corpor correspond corrupt cort cotton coughlin council countercultur countri court court-pack coven cox coxey crawford credibl credit creek creel creep creol crime crisi crispus crittenden croli cross crow cuban cullen cult cultur curtain custer cyrus d dagenhart danburi danc daniel darrow dartmouth darwin daugherti davi david daw day dbq de deal dean death deb debat decis declar declartori defend defens deflat deism demarest democraci democrat democratic-republican denmark depress desegreg desert design destini detent determin develop dewey dewitt diem dilemma dingley diplomaci direct director discrimin district divorc dix doctrin dog dollar dome domest dominion door dorothea doughboy dougla douglass dow draft dred drug duboi due dupuy dust dutch dwight dynasti e earl eater eaton econom economi eddi edgar edison edit edmund educ edward edwin effect eighteenth eighti eighty-nin einstein eisenhow eleanor elector electron eli elijah elizabeth elkin ellsberg email emancip embargo emerg emerson emilio emma employ enabl end energi england environment equal era ernest ervin espionag essay ethel ethic eugen evan evolut evolv ex exam exchang excis execut expans exposit express ext.4827 extend f face factor failur fair fall fallen fanat farewel farm farmer father faulkner favorit feder federalist feel femin feminin fennimor ferguson ferraro ferri fidel fifteenth fifth fillmor financ finney fire first fisk flag flapper fleet fletcher flexibl flight florenc florida foch follett folli food forak forb forc ford fordney fordney-mccumb foreign forest format found foundat four fourteen fourteenth fourth franci francisco franco franklin frederick free freedmen freedom freeport freidan fremont french freud friday front frontier fugit fulbright fulton fund fundament g gadsden gag gallatin gamal gang gap garfield garrison gate gaull genet gentleman geograph georg gerald geraldin geronimo ghent ghost gibbon gilbert gild gilman gin glass glass-steagal glidden global glorious goal gold goldwat gomper good gorman gospel gould govern graham grang granger grant gray great greeley green greenback greenleaf greenvill grenada grenvilll grover growth guadalup guadalupe-hidalgo guard guerrilla guid guiteau gulf h half half-bre half-way hall hamilton hammer hancock hanna hard harold harper harri harriet harrison hartford hartley harvey hatter haugen hawk hawley hawley-smoot hawthorn hay hay-bunau-varilla hay-pauncefot haymarket hazard headright helen help helper helsinki hemingway henri hepburn herbert herman hernado hessian hibernian hidalgo higher hill hinton hiram histori hitler hitler-stalin ho holiday holm home homestead hooker hoover hoover-stimson hopkin horac horatio horizont horsesho hospit hostag hous houston howard howe hubert hudson huerta huey hugh huguenot hull humphrey hundr hungarian hunt huntington husbandri hutchinson ick ida idea ii iii immigr impact impeach impend imperi impli impress improv in-servic inchon incid incurs indentur independ india indian industri inflat influenc inform initi injunct inspect institut insurrect integr intercours interlock intern intoler invas iran iranian iron irreconcil irv isolation issu iv ix j jackson jacksonian jacob jame jane jay jefferson jeffersonian jen jess jim jimmi jingoism joe john johnson joint joint-stock jonathan jone joseph journal jr judg judici judiciari jule jungl k kaiser kansa kansas-nebraska kearni keller kelley kellog kellog-briand kennan kennedi kent kentucki key khomeini khrushchev kill king kingdom kissing kitchen klan klux knee ku l la labor lafayett lafollett lai laird laissez land landon larg large-st law leadership leagu leas lecompton lee legaci legal legion leland lend lend-leas lewi liabil liber liberti light limit lincoln lincoln-dougla lindbergh livingston lloyd loan lochner lode lodg lome london lone long longfellow lord loui louisiana lovejoy lowel loyalist loyalists/tories lucretia lusitania luther lyndon lyon m macarthur macdonough macon madison maguir mahan main major malcolm man manifest manifesto mann mann-elkin marburi march marcus margaret margin mari mark market marqui marshal martin maryland mason massachusett massacr massiv matthew maximilian may mayaguez mayflow mccarren mccarthi mccarthyism mcclellan mccormick mcculloch mccumber mcgovern mcguffey mckinley mcnamara mcnari mcnary-haugen mead meat megalopoli mellon melvill mencken mercantil mercenari merchant meriweth merrimack mestizo mexico middl midnight militari military-industri millard millerti milligan minh minor mirv missil missouri mitchel mob mobili mobocraci moder modern modernist molass molli mondal money monitor monro moos moral morgan mormon morril mors mother mott move movement mrs muckrak mugwump mulatto muller muscl mussolini mystiqu napoleon nasser nast nat nathaniel nation nativ nativist nato natur navig nazi neal nebraska negat negoti neighbor neo neo-conservat neurosi neutral new newland nez ngo nichola night nikita nimitz niner ninth nixon noah non non-colon non-intercours nonaggress nonintervent normalci norri north northwest note nsc nuclear nullif nurenburg nye o offens offic ogden oglethorp ohio old oligarchi oliv olney omaha one oni opec open oper opportun order ordin oregon organ osceola ostend oswald outlin ouvertur owen p pacif pack pact pageant pain palmer pan panama pancho panic paper par parallel pari pariti park parkman part parti passag patrick patriots/whigs patron patronag pattern patton paul pauncefot paxton payn peac peacetim peck peculiar peggi pendleton penn pension pentagon perc percent period perkin perri persh persist person pet peter philanthropi philip philippin phillip phinea phoni phylli pierc pierpont pig pike pilgrim pinchot pinchot-balling pinckney placement plan platform plattsburgh plessi plutocraci poe point polici polit polk poni pontiac pool popular populist portsmouth posit potsdam pottawatomi poverti powder power practic pragmat predestin prelud prepar presid price primari primogenitur prior privat privileg process proclam product program progress prohibit prophet protect protest provinc proviso public pueblo pull pullman purchas pure puritan push push-pul quaker qualiti quarantin quarter quebec question quinci quota r racial radic raid railroad raleigh ralph ram randolph read reagan reaganom realli reason rebat rebellion recal receiv reciproc reconstruct recoveri red reed reevalu referendum reform regim region regul reject relat relationship religi represent republ republican reserv resolut respons restor result resumpt retali return revenu revers review revolt revolut richard rider right rii ring riot rise river robert rochambeau rockefel roe roger role rolf roll rome/berlin/tokyo ronald room roosevelt root root-takahira rosa rosco rosenberg rotat rough royal rs rule russel russo russo-american rutherford sacco sacco-vanzetti sadat sall salmon salt sam samuel sandra sanger santa saturday scalawag scandal scare schechter schedul scheme scholar school scientif scope scott seaman secess second section secur sedit self self-determin seminol senat sens separatist servic servitud settlement seventh severalti seward seymour shah shaker share sharecrop shay sherman shirt shoal short shrink side sigmund silver sinclair sioux sir sit sixteen slater slave slaveri slavocraci slidel smith smith-conn smith-hugh smoot social societi soil sojourn solidar son sound sourc south southern sovereignti spangl spanish speci speech sphere spiro spock spoil spot squar stalin stalwart stamp standard stanford stanton star state steagal steel steffen stephen steuben steven stevenson stick stimson stock stokley stow strateg strategi strict strike strom struggl stuart student studi stuyves success suez sugar summit sumner sunbelt suppli supply-sid suprem susan sussex syllabus system tactic taft taft-hartley takahira take talleyrand tallmadg tammani taney tarbel tariff tax taxat taylor tea teacher teapot tear tecumseh teheran temper tennesse tenth tenur terenc term test test-ban tet texa thaddeus thame thayer theme theodor theori third thirteenth thoma thoreau thorstein three three-fifth thunder thurmond tilden timber time tippecano toler tom tonkin tordesilla totalitarian toussaint townshend trade trail train trait transcendent transfer transport travi treasuri treati trent trial trist truman trust truth tubman turner twain tweed twelfth twenti twenty-fourth two tyler u u.s ulyss un un-american uncl undemocrat underground understand underwood union unit unitarian upton urban us v v-e v-j vallandigham valley van vanderbilt vanzetti varilla veblen venustiano versaill vertic vesey veto vi victori victoriano vienna viet vietnam vii viii villa virginia virtual volstead von vote vs w w.e.b wabash wade wade-davi wadsworth wagner waldo walker wallac walt walter war warfar warren wartim washington water waterg watt way wealth weaver webpag websit webster webster-ashburton week weekend weld welfar wendal wendel west wheatley whig whiskey white whitefield whitman whitney whittier wilk wilki willard william willki wilmot wilson wilson-gorman win winfield winston winthrop within without 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