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ASTR 1030 Birthday Lab b Name: Section: 1030 Date:1/28/13

Birthplace: Brazil Betem

Longitude: w 45 27' 36.00 Latitude: s 19 9' 36.00

Date of birth: 6/4/1776 Day of the Week Thursday

Your birth sign, according to the newspaper astrologer: Gemini

Actual zodiacal constellation the Sun lay in: It in a different constellation each month

Time of Sunri...

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1/28/13 1030 18 19 27 32p.m 36.00 42a.m 45 5 5.41 52 6/4/1776 7 9 accord actual also aquarius astr astrolog b betem birth birthday birthplac born brazil circl constel date day describ differ draw drawn east even examin find found gemini go happen hour indic instead jupit lab last latitud lay left lie list longitud mark mercuri month moon name new newspap night none noon note number occur old option past phase pic planet previous printout put quarter rare recogn right rose sagittarius saturn section set sever shown sign sinc sky sun sunris sunset thursday time uranus venus visibl w wane wax week well west yes zodiac