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Density Lab Report Essay

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The Density Challenge: A Complete Inquiry Activity

Density has been an important part of science for a very long time. Density was discovered by Archimedes, a Greek mathematician, around 250 BC while determining whether a craftsman had replaced some of the gold in the King of Syracuse’s crown with silver. Density is the compactness of a substance. The new concept of density he discovered was used to expose the fraud. The purpose of this experiment is to make the heaviest floating film container without having it sink. The density of water is 1, so in order to keep the film container from sinking, the density of the sand-filled film container must be less than 1. The equation for density is D=m/V, where m is mass and v is volume. To find the volume of the film container, use the equation V=3.14r^2h, where r is the radius and h is the height. My hypothesis is that if the density of the sand-filled film container is less than the density of water, then the film container filled with sa...

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