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Alua Chem Labreport 1 Essay

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Chemistry Lab Report

Practical #1
Title: The Densities of Liquids and Solids
Date: 29th of August 2014
Session: Friday 1 p.m.
Student’s name: Alua Sarybay
Lab partner’s name: Gulzhauhar Nurdildayeva
Tutor’s name: Eugene Douglass

The matter can be observed by determining, measuring and monitoring its chemical and physical properties. In this experiment the densities of liquids and solids will be determined. The density is an intensive property of matter that does not depend on the substance’s quantity, and thus density can be used to identify a solid or any liquid. Generally, the density of a matter changes with the pressure and temperature outside. [1] As the pressure on the object increases the volume of the object decreases and hence the density of the object increases. [1] On the other hand, as the temperature increases the volume of the substance increases and its density decreases. [1] The density of a substance can be found if the mass and volume of that substance are known, since the density is the ratio of the mass to its volume Density =

The SI derived unit for the density is kg/m3. The mass of a substance can be found by weighing it on the analytical balances. By subtracting the mass of the empty container from the mass of the container with the liquid in it, the mass of a sample of liquid in a container can be found. [2] The volume of a liquid can be foun...

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