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3.0 Whether there is breach of contract by the organisers.
3.0.1 We now refer to the matters regarding to your concerned on the Milos Coltrade Shah Alam Jazz Festival where have been proposed by the organisers to cancel the event apparently out of respect to the passenger who died on the flight. We believe that there was a valid contract between you and Shah Alam Jazz Fest Sdn Bhd since there is a consideration when you agreed to lent your name to the festival and the organisers promised appearance money upfront and a cut of revenue from the tickets sold. This was supported under Section 2 of the Contract Acts 1950 where agreements are contract when they are made with lawful considerations. In the case of Guthrie Waugh Bhd v Malaiappan Muthuchumaru [1972] 1 MLJ 35 where the court provides that a good consideration is that there must be an act, abstinence or promise on part of the promisee or some other person at the desire of the promisor.

3.0.2 On the other hand, there are...

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