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Cv Writing Tips Essay

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CV (curriculum vitae)
( Resume)

It is the first thing companies/firms see/know about you.
Should be:
Well written
Straight to the point
Neat and well formatted
No spelling an grammar mistakes
One page long if under 27 years old
Informative (as it is a snapshot of who you are)

Should contain:
1. Contact information: name, address, phone number, e-mail, websites e.g blogs, twitter, etc. (only if it is relevant) 2. Career objectives: a statement used to focus a CV when you know what position you are interested in a. Stay short, two lines are all you need

b. Be specific but not too specific
c. Helps you get the position
3. Education and training:
a. Reverse chronological (newest to oldest)
b. Keep GPA to yourself, unless really excellent
c. Don’t describe your education, keep it for the interview 4. Don’t include anything that may put you at a disadvan...

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