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Sample Technical Writing Mechanism Description Essay

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Sample Technical Writing Mechanism Description

Audience and use profile
This Document is designed for entrepreneurs who want a portable computer, but students may also take interest, because some of their needs are similar to those of business people. Also, the purpose of the description is to inform the audience by providing a comprehensive informative document on how this particular mechanism works, and the description is also designed to provide information on its usefulness. Furthermore, business people will want to learn more about the mechanism, because they are interested in acquiring a laptop, or because they want to teach other employees more about the portable computer. So, the audience will most likely use the description to learn more about laptops, and they should understand the description with ease because it is designed for a non technical audience. Nevertheless, this mechanical description might create misunderstandings with certain cultures, because some immigrants or foreign cultures may not be familiar with the English language. However, since the document will be used in an office setting located within the United States. The audience s...

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