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Human 100 Journal 1 Writing Essay

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Journal #1
Week 1, Reading assignment
When reading the Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, I found it a little overpowering but interesting at the same time. Overtime I am able to understand different points of views and experiences. Although I am not always aware of peoples different situations I am open to learn about it as well as help if I am capable and within my power. For example there are third world countries where people are starving and have lack of education and good sources of nutrition etc. Where there are area’s in America it is like paradise because people have the capability to have easy accuse to food, jobs and opportunities for education. People from either side of the globe are going to have a sense of difference in their live quality as well as typical feelings of security. Although in the end all people are humans and need and deserve the same things with their own life experiences. Growing up I always felt embarrassed with my living situation. I was totally different from all of my friends and their family dynamics. And I also felt envious of all of them. It was because I was dealt a bad hand early on in my life. My parents ...

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