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Ian Glusker
Deborah Condon
English 1A
October 2, 2013
Shocking Awareness
Advertisements are intended to grab your attention through funny, interesting or even shocking material. On the other hand, public service announcements (PSA) are often factual and boring, not truly grabbing the attention of the audience, therefore, not benefiting its purpose, which is to raise awareness of an idea or issue in society. Unlike most public service announcements the one I chose is appealing because of its blunt nature, and its direct meaning, making it easy to understand the point trying to be proven. When researching advertisements online, I came across this and immediately clicked on it to see what it was proposing. Right away it had me engaged, wanting to know more, making it a successful PSA. Anti-smoking ads are seen everywhere from television commercials like “The Truth”, a campaign presenting facts that express the negative effects of smoking tobacco to the general public, all the way to the quick Internet ads against the use of tobacco. Unlike most ads shown to the public presenting ...

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