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Language And Literacey Writing Development Essay

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EDGDP6001 Language and Literacies
Learning Task One: Part One: Writing development (Analyses of student writing). Introduction
The earliest known examples of writing came from Mesopotamia and Egypt. It seemed to have evolved out of a need to communicate across time and space. The earliest written communications were pictures and symbols and eventually evolved into writing scripts that were a culturally reflective text (Harris, McKenzie, Fitzsimmons & Turbill, 2004). Just like when the earliest examples of writing began children also start with the aspect of written symbols. Their intention is to communicate a message or copy adult writing (Rees, 1997). I will be examining three pieces of writing all by the same child (age six years to eight years); each piece was written approximately 12 months apart.

Sample writing one– six year old (Prep class) - Appendix One. The first example I have shows a six year old emulating an adults writing to communicate a message. This is a key indicator of Rees (1997) Western Australia Writing Continuum (WAWC) phase one: Role Play Writing. You can see that the child is aware that the print carries a message (wishing reader a “Happy Easter” and putting it on a flag to display) and is using known letters to represent written language. There seems to be some confusion about the direction of the text as it has been written from right to left and some of the letters have been reversed. This could be because the child has written the text with the pencil in his left hand. It is not incorrect for a child to write with their left hand but should be encouraged to read and write text from left to right as this is the conventional way English text is written and this should be the next specific focus for this child. Also if the child is writing with his left hand he needs to be shown the correct formation of letters for a left handed writer such as for capital A and E etcetera. Working towards Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) level one writing standards the major empha...

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