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Academic Essay (Natural Disaster)
Katrina: A Nature’s Wrath
1.0 Introduction
‘Everything in nature is lyrical in its ideal essence, tragic in its fate, and comic in its existence’ (George Santayana, n.d.) It is a well-known fact that Mother Nature occasionally poses a major threat towards humans by its devastating disasters despite its breathtaking beauty. Natural disasters can be defined as ‘naturally occurring events, which can directly or indirectly cause severe threats to public health and/or well-being’ (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 1999). Hurricane, also known as typhoon or cyclone, is one of the natural calamities that occur in certain places all around the world. The aftermath of hurricane is beyond words and in order to reduce its impacts in future, effective precautions are essential. 2.0 Case Study

2.1 The Formation of Hurricane
Hurricane forms over warm seawaters near the equator, where the air pressure gradients are weak and the temperatures are high. Equator is an imagery line around the world that divides it to north and south. In a process called localized heating, warm and moist air over the ocean flows upward and results in a region of lower air pressure below. As a result, higher-pressure air from surrounding area moves into the lower air pressure area producing wind. Then, the new air rises too as it becomes warm and moist. The accumulated air changes its form to water and this is called condensation. The whole process keeps on repeating and water in the air forms clouds. The system of clouds and wind develops into towering convective chimneys with frequent thunderstorms and rotates by absorbing energy from the ocean’s heat and evaporating water from the surface. A section called The Eye forms in the center of the storm system as it spins quicker and quicker. The air pressure inside The Eye is extremely low. Higher-pressure air from the above ...

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