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Organizing and Outlining your Compare/Contrast Essay

Review the following Sample Outline and then write a similar outline for your paper

Thesis: The metaphor “time is money” is often considered a statement of fact; however it is actually a metaphor so embedded in our business culture and business language that we fail to see the problems associated with the comparison, especially in the areas of human relations/friendships, enjoyment of vacation time, and development of artistic persuits. An alternative metaphor, time is a precious gift, might serve to better balance many of our lifestyles.

Audience: Management majors undertaking high powered corporate positions Purpose: To show how this metaphor shapes attitudes, behavior, and leads to an unbalanced life, and how considering an alternative metaphor might help one achieve other personal goals.

Paragraph 2 Thesis.
The metaphor time is money leads to certain attitudes and actions toward other people, especially in the workplace, but also in private life, and these can harm other people.

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List three common expressions that use the terms
Explain these and what the result is, ie. Losing friends at work because there isn’t time to socialize at lunch or after hours, not learning from different cultural viewpoints since “time is wasted understa...

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