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Name: Naida Talitha
Class: 12 SBM

The Reason for Not Spanking Children

Topic : Spanking Children
Thesis : Three reason why you should not spank your child.

Introduction : Have you ever been spanked by your parents? How did you feel after being spanked? According to Oxfor Dictionaries spangking is an act of slapping, especially on the buttocks as a punishment for children. Someday when you were a parent, what will you do to stop your child misbehavior? When you are angry because your children, spanking may seem like a quick way to stop misbehaviour, but actually it doesn’t work. You should not spank your children because spanking is not educating, increasing risk of mental disorders, and perpetuating dishonesty.

Supporting Idea 1 : Spanking is not educating.
Children will imitate their parents since there were a baby Shows a child that hitting is a way to solve problems.
It doesn’t teach them what you want them to do
Supporting Idea 2 : Spanking is increasing risk of mental disorders. Eliminate their self-confidence.
Tend to be introvert.
Make them depressed.
Supporting Idea 3 : You are perpetuating dishonesty.
They will lie to cover their mistakes .
They will avoid you.
They n...

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