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High School V College Writing Essay

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Ashley White

Professor Irom

WRA 150

11 December 2010

The differences between high school writing and college writing are countless. The most important ones that can be listed are the variation in the time period of which class is actually held. Along with the differences between the attendance policies, and the levels of guidance provided to students. There is a huge change that takes place in the work load of the students while transitioning from high school to college. College writings are arduous and need much more attention. Even though most homework is not graded in college it is still imperative that it is complete for self knowledge. Generally a class in which homework is not graded basically revolves around tests and major papers. A number of differences are present between high school and college writing. Some students do not have a problem with the changes occur in writing as time progresses. On the other hand many students are confused, and disturbed by the experiences they gain through writing for college level classes. Typically the students who have problems are the ones previously in their schooling received praises from their teachers. Recently, things have changed the teachers at schools are very critical about the writings of the same students, and they do not receive the same amount of praise.

After coming to this university, I took my first WRA class which was 1004. In that class I learned the proper way to cite in MLA format. I also learned how to research scholarly articles on the Purdue Owl website. Katie Livingston, my teacher for my first WRA class was amazing. She was very helpful at providing information on subject that week needed further assistance with. Katie was a great teacher, and an awesome friend. She helped me through some of my most difficult times in my life such as my “coming out” period to m...

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