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1001 Brilliant Writing Ideas

How often do you hear your pupils cry ‘what can I write about?’ 1001 Brilliant Writing Ideas offers teachers endless ideas and inventive suggestions, opening up new opportunities for creative writing lessons. With over a thousand different ‘story-starters’ across a vast range of genres and narrative styles, this versatile book provides food for thought for pupils of a wide range of ages and abilities.

This highly practical and richly illustrated photocopiable resource: •

addresses the ‘blank mind’ problem, offering pupils a plethora of storywriting ideas and suggestions; enables teachers to inspire pupils who struggle with creative writing; provides prompts to set ideas into motion, whilst leaving plenty of scope for original and creative thought;

challenges pupils, encouraging them to use higher-level thinking skills; offers mix-and-match stimulus pieces that can be used independently or put together to give pupils more or less support as required.

Any teacher whose inventiveness is flagging, and whose pupils are running out of ideas, will find this an essential classroom resource. Ron Shaw has many years of classroom experience and is the author of more than forty books helping primary and secondary school students to improve their thinking skills.

1001 Brilliant Writing Ideas
Teaching inspirational story-writing for all ages

Ron Shaw

First published 2003 by Curriculum Corporation, Australia
This edition published 2008 by Routledge
2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4RN
Simultaneously published in the USA and Canada
by Routledge
270 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016
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Shaw, Ron
1001 brilliant writing ideas: teaching inspirational story-writing for all ages / Ron Shaw.
p. cm.
1. English language – Rhetoric – Study and teaching. 2. Creative writing – Study and teaching. 3. Fiction – Technique. I. Title. II. Title: One thousand one brilliant writing ideas. III. Title: One thousand and one brilliant writing ideas.

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Artwork by Aja Bongiorno
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Pleasurable and Preposterous Plots to Ponder
Nature Wild and Wonderful
Curious Combinations
Story Starters
Menagerie Muses
Adventures in Space
Charismatic Characters
Unusual Perspectives
Fabulous and Fanciful Fashions
Sinister Scallywags, Vexatious Villains, Rogues and Rascals
If I Could
Myriad of Mixes
Sticky Situations
Tantalising Titles
Perky Pets
Ghostly, Ghoulish and Ghastly
Sea and Sky
Delightful and Delicious Delicacies
World of Wizardry, Wicked Witches and Magic
Fairies and Fantasies
Marvellous Music
Journeys Far and Wide
Sensational Settings
Fearless Friends and Formidable Foes
Sleeping and Dreaming
Wonderful World of Science
Myths and Mysteries
A Final Few



It was none other than Roald Dahl who proclaimed that writing stories isn’t easy. There are times when ideas won’t come, he said. The mind goes blank. As teachers we are all familiar with the student who ‘clams up’ in story writing lessons. If we manage to prise two or three sentences from such a child we are doing well.

This book addresses the ‘blank mind’ dilemma by offering the student a plethora of story-writing ideas and suggestions. Care has been taken to provide equally for boys and girls, allowing for their different interests. In many instances the student is given prompts, to set ideas into motion. However, there is still a great deal of scope for original and creative thought. Included in some of the story-writing tasks are additional instructions. Sometimes these instructions may seem to bear little relevance to the story itself. This is deliberate and is designed to:

assist the student by directing thoughts along certain lines; challenge the student by calling upon higher-level thinking skills, involving, for example, the matching of a particular character to a given situation.

The wide variety of themes, together with the range of ideas spread across them, should ensure that all students have plenty to write about. There is no set way to use this book. One suggestion would be to use Sensational Settings in conjunction with Story Starters or some other page. Another idea could be to mix Charismatic Characters with Tantalising Titles. Either way, a delightful combination of the real with the fanciful could result, bringing a sense of achievement and satisfaction to both the writer and you, the teacher.

Happy and fulfilling writing!

Consider the story starters below
and then choose one to write about.

You are drifting at sea on a life raft, the sole survivor of a shipwreck. Storm clouds are gathering. Land is just visible on the misty horizon. Describe your adventure from now until you are rescued.

Oh no!
I thought that drink tasted strange. What’s happening to me? Oh no! Goliath the Gorilla
Goliath was the biggest, meanest, scariest gorilla of them all. He was afraid of nothing. Nothing, that is, except . . . mice!
Harry Hough
His nose is long and green. His hair stands up in spikes. Wispy hairs stick out from each ear. Enormous bushy eyebrows hang out over droopy eyes. This is Harry Hough, who lives in a hole. Who is Harry, and what is his secret? Money!

It’s relaxing sitting under this tree. I watch as a leaf floats to the ground. Then another. And another. But wait . . . they’re not leaves . . . it’s . . . money! The Haunted House
I am trapped in a haunted house. There are no lights and it is totally dark. I reach out but all I feel are cobwebs. Begin by describing your feelings, emotions and thoughts together with any physical symptoms you may be experiencing. Then describe what you hear, if anything. Lastly, tell all that happens as you manage, eventually, to escape to freedom.

Pleasureable and Preposterous Plots to Ponder 1

Consider the story starters below
and then choose one to write about.

Scruffy Sam, Girl in Rags
Poor scruffy Sam. She looks so different from the other girls who come to school in their smart, freshly-ironed school uniforms. No one wants to sit next to Sam. No one lets her join in games. She gets no invitations to parties. But Sam has a secret. She’s actually rich. Very, very rich. How things change when Sam’s secret gets out!

The Mysterious Tola People
Deep beneath the sea live the Tola People. No one sees them. No one hears them. But when they emerge from the murky depths the Tola People see everything, they hear everything and they know everything . . . about everyone.

Rainbow of Gold
Two children hiking through the countryside see a magnificent rainbow in the distance. They make their way towards it, hoping to find the end of it. Eventually they reach the end of the rainbow, and . . . it’s a pot of gold! The Magic Football

When Marty is eleven he helps an old man who has fallen over on the pavement. The old man tells Marty (a football fan) that on his 12th birthday Marty will receive a special surprise in the post. The day comes and a package arrives addressed to ‘Marty . . . Football Fan’. Inside is a magnificent golden football which Marty, after hastily gathering some of his friends, takes to the park to practise his skills. What a ball! When Marty’s boot connects with it the ball unfailingly travels like a bullet to its target, bending past opponents at such speed that they are powerless to stop it.

Linda’s Lucky Lantern
When the power goes off at Linda’s house she remembers the lantern that her great grandfather used to speak of. It had been gathering dust in the garden shed for as long as anyone could remember. What Linda didn’t know was that this was no ordinary lantern. When she lit the wick something very strange happened . . .

2 Pleasureable and Preposterous Plots to Ponder

Magical Gaze
You wake up one morning and discover you have magical powers. By gazing at something for more than five seconds you can turn it into whatever you want . . . for an hour. The thought occurs to you that you’ll be able to have some fun with your friends . . . and your enemies!

Read my Mind
You are on your way back to class when you trip over and hit your head. Ouch. Your friend picks you up.
‘Are you okay?’
‘Fine,’ you reply.
‘I didn’t say anything,’ your friend says.
Wow. You find you can read people’s thoughts. But is it a good thing? Tiny Friends
One quiet night, you are in the garden when you hear voices. You follow them. There are tiny people living here. And they are happy to be your friend. Chat Cat
What if one day your cat (or dog) opened its mouth and started talking to you?
Lost in the Village of Mirrors
When the Wilson children get lost descending Mount Disappointment they follow a winding river that leads to a remote village. However, this is no ordinary village. The walls of every house and building are mirrors. Within a very short time the Wilsons are lost. Where are the villagers? What is going on? Is there a way out or is this the beginning of an inescapable nightmare?

Magic Carpet
You’re riding your bike up a steep hill. It’s getting harder and harder and harder to pedal. Suddenly the chain snaps, with a sharp ‘clunk’. Oh, no! But wait . . . something very strange has happened; miraculously, you’re now riding on a magic carpet!

Pleasureable and Preposterous Plots to Ponder 3

Consider the story starters below
and then choose one to write about.

Fishy Business
James was just about to take the fish off the hook when it spurted out, ‘Eat me at your peril!’
Double Trouble
Rose and Alex are late for school. As they enter the classroom they see Mr Peters sitting at his desk in front of the class. But something must be wrong; everyone is looking at them with puzzled expressions on their faces. As they make their way to their seats they are astonished to find that their chairs are already occupied . . . by themselves!

Super Ball
Danny bounced the ball and gazed in disbelief as it bounced higher and higher and higher.
The Roller Coaster from Hell
You’re on a roller coaster that’s out of control. Everyone is screaming. Down the Volcano
You and your friend are exploring the crater of an extinct volcano. You go down and down and down into the crater’s depths. Your friend parts some giant ferns, peers between them and then shouts, ‘Look at this . . . quickly!’ Pandora’s Box

Your friend Pandora has received a mysterious box for her birthday. She calls you round to help her open it. What’s inside?
Message in a Bottle
You’re walking along the beach when you see a bottle that has just washed up onto the sand. It has a message in it. After carefully deciphering the faded writing you decide you’d better act fast. Really fast!

4 Pleasureable and Preposterous Plots to Ponder

Towering Invention
You recently invented a way of getting people out of towering buildings that are on fire. This is, indeed, an amazing invention. And now’s the time to try it out, for the city’s tallest office block is ablaze!

You are in a restaurant and you’ve just been served a huge sandwich. As you’re about to take a bite you hear, ‘Stop, don’t eat me!’
Computer Chaos
You’re playing a computer game when, suddenly, all the characters in the game come to life and leap out of the screen. Oh dear, how do I stop this? The most Terrifying Teacher
Imagine the scariest teacher alive – icy eyes, a booming voice, huge, talks like an encyclopaedia – and he/ she has just taken over your class! Bubbles
Consider what might happen if someone invented a bubble blower that produced bubbles that could never burst. Now write a story about it.
Magic Mirror
That new mirror you received as a present is weird. When you look in it, you can see yourself in the future. What do you see?
My Friend the Robot
You have just received the Person Plus 5000 robot as a present. Now you have a companion. But first you have to train your robot. Describe how.

Pleasureable and Preposterous Plots to Ponder 5

Choose from the titles below and
see if you can come up with a fun

The Mouse with Boxing Gloves
The Great Dane that Chirped
Like a Bird
The Camel Fashion Parade
Father Christmas, Winner of the
Relay Race
The Bus Driver’s a
Old Granny...

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