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Opening the book ‘Raw’ penned down by Martin Crowe my eyes fixated on the following words, “Fear . That emotion I have fought all my life .
Fear of rejection.
Fear of unworthiness.
Fear of failure.
Fear of not moving forward.
Fear of being dropped."
Seeing and reading these words sent jitters down my spine and my head started reeling , re-calling my experiences as a budding youngster in the gentleman's game in all whites and a bright sun hat . I was like a new born calf trying to find his footing in this world ,I was somewhat good enough to get into the school first eleven at the age of thirteen and then into the state under nineteens the next year at the age of fourteen . This is exactly when the fear started creeping in ,playing with guys almost half a decade older than me was like a David versus Goliath battle from the inside but this time Goliath was winning . During training I was impressing all and then on the first match day ju...

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