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Heathcliff To Cathy Creative Writing Letter Essay

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My dearest Cathy,
How warm I am outside the Grange, though it is snowing and windy, I am warm from your caressing embraces, you lit up my soul which was cold, stony, in desperate need of your heat. A curtain hinders my view of your celestial face, how I wish to tear that curtain open! To see your face once more would appease the infernal heat of desire I feel for you. The moment I set my eyes upon you, I am swallowed up in a chasm of love in an instant. No earthly language can describe my absolute love for you, Cathy, we are two halves in one body, not even death can tear us apart, my heart longs for yours, to feel your lips upon my body. Cathy, how the branches on the trees do sway, blown by gusts of winds, yet the tree still stands, unwavering. My love for you is like the tree- through harsh and turbulent times it will prevail. I will die if I don’t see you again! Cathy, how I loved you when we were children, just a mere glimpse of your face would assuage the heartiest of my tempers. You were always my queen, the one person who could make me truly happy; I would become in an instant a docile, loving child, no more that s...

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