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Writing A Language Analysis Essay Essay

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Ask yourself:
What is the text about?
What is the broader context?
What is the main contention?
How does the writer feel about the issue? That is, what is the tone of the piece?

Note: What is the style of the piece?
Annotate: Highlight any persuasive techniques used.
Note in the margin what each of these techniques is trying to make the audience think, feel or do. STEP 3: ORGANISE YOUR NOTES
Organising your ideas and notes is crucial.
A comprehensive table – similar to a summary with headings The Summary Table
(writer, including their status if known; title of the article; title of publication; date and page number) ARTICLE TYPE
(feature article, letter to the editor, editorial etc.)
(the broader issue or debate to which this article is contributing) AUDIENCE
(to whom is this article directed?)
(main point or argument)
That… _______
(the form of expression, e.g. formal, informal, direct, descriptive etc.) TONE
(the mood of the language used, e.g. serious, angry, sarcastic etc.) POSITIONING OF READER
Imagine you are the target audience: what is the trying to make you THINK, FEEL and/or DO? THINK:_______
What supporting arguments/points are used to support the main contention? HOW IS IT BEING SAID?
What persuasive techniques are...

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