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Rhetorical Analysis Of Student Writing Essay

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Today, when time becomes more valuable and people have less time in their daily conversation because there are full of tasks around them everyday, writing seems to be a useful tool to help people keep contact with each other or manage their time easier. Therefore, writing strategies have changed a lot to adapt with the modern writer. People need an appropriate writing which they can use as an explainable format, well- organized writing, and it’s also enough to persuade the reader. It doesn’t matter how long it has existed, rhetorical strategies have been presented to pursuit all that requirements. Beginning in an ancient Greek dictionary, “rhetor” originally knew as an orator or speaker. And according to the explanation of the OWL “Throughout much of history, “rhetoric” used to have a more narrow meaning like “the art of persuasion.” However, over the course of the 20th century, “rhetoric” came to be used as a descriptor for all use of communication.” (Page 5, Reader). Then, this effective communication somehow had been used popular in the paper today as well as the rhetorical strategies. In fact, understanding the rhetorical strategies can help contribute to strong, audience-focused, and possible to modify the perspectives of the writers. This type of presentation is suitable for the beginning of a composition course of the assignment of a writing project in any class.

Similarly, as the first time applying the rhetorical strategy, I am so pleased to introduce you my research paper which I had a chance to do it on Spring 2011 quarter. This research paper was known as a consulting report that required all students in Business 187 course (Global Dimensions of Business) to complete by the end of the semester. The purpose of the assignment was to assess the overall investment climate of a BRIC country (Brazil, Russia, India, China) by conducting a PEST analysis (political, economic, sociocultural, and technological factors), to determine market entry strategy, and to convey written recommendations in a concise manner. The audience of my consulting report assignment was my professor whose name was Carol Reade. Her expectation for the report paper was to understand all of the concepts that we studied in the class and I must narrow them in a chosen country which belonged to the BRIC group. For example, I chose China in this report paper because I was thinking about its strong reputation in the economy. After selecting a country, the next step was the most important part because I had to conduct my country in the PEST analysis way which was to analyze and provide the recommendation to my instructor; who would give the final decision whether to open a subsidiary in my selected country. Because my paper was to de...

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